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The Brief
We were tasked with updating the entire website experience for Jeeter be aggregating all of their strains, content and information into an easy to use website platform on Webflow
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The Problem

Jeeter is known to many as the #1 cannabis brand in the U.S. Jeeter has been considered slang for a joint or pre-rolled cannabis. Now based out of Desert Hot Springs, the company is offering pre rolls to the California cannabis market. Jeeter makes infused preroll, vape cartridge, preroll, , vape pen, sauce cannabis products. Our team at 5Four Digital was hired to take complex website wireframes and turn them into a functional, easy to use website that made it easy to browse content, products and convert users into buyers

Client’s Dilemma

Jeeter needed to reorganize their website's infrastructure by adding multiple CMS items including strain categorization, sub-pages and landing page templates for special drops. We were hired to develop complex wireframes into a functional site that worked on all breakpoints with mobile experience being at the forefront with the majority of traffic.

  • Jeeter needed to combine their website efforts into one platform
  • Jeeter had a wealth of content that was difficult to find on-site
  • The current website lacked the infrastructure needed to scale efforts with a powerful CMS
  • Users needed to be able to view the latest products, understand the site navigation and be able to sign up for upcoming events and releases

The Solution

Our first plan of attack was to create a CMS grid to organize all of the website data by product types including hybrid, sativa and indica. Then, segment each category by providing a detailed CMS collection for each including 30+ points of detail. These points of detail would make the buying process simple for users as it would include multiple points to help their buyer decision.

Leveraging a design system based on the client-first method by Finsweet we organized a style guide based on all of the details of each product, optimized the content for mobile and began implementing the development in phases to accommodate dozens of new products.

  • Migrated 60+ CMS collections items and product segments to one platform
  • Designed and developed custom website development
  • Simple user experience on-site with an emphasis on products
  • Complete CMS build of intricate details including a product area with categorized content, classes and  news
  • Built a design system with color palette, launch strategy and content.

The Result

After a 90 day sprint, Brand Discovery and iterations which included updated development, CMS changes and wireframe design based high fidelity wireframes, we built 1 cohesive platform for browsing products, learning more about the company and custom landing pages for potential upcoming drops.

  • 30% increase in overall traffic over 90 days
  • A simple and easy to use interface and design for users to make updates and tweaks to the design
  • 13% increase in impressions and over 70,000 impressions in the last 30 days

The Showcase

Throughout the project it was a blast collaborating with a production studio that trusted our vision and penchant for user-based decisions.  We were also provided amazing logo and branding assets from the talented Jeeter team. The Jeeter team was ecstatic with the work and can easily make updates to the website on a whim without breaking content due to the web building platform, Webflow.

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