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The Brief
We had the opportunity to work with a successful career growth platform where users can explore jobs and quickly save them all to one place to stay organized and on top of their job search. We were hired to help them migrate 400+ articles without losing SEO rankings, improve the website design and development with interactive wireframes and launch a new version of the website on Webflow.
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The Problem

Teal had already solidified itself as a true contender in the space by becoming a powerful tool for job search. Teal is a career growth platform that gives users the tools, skills, and guidance you need to empower and energize your entire professional life. The website needed to reflect an updated content strategy by incorporating a wealth of content and articles for the active individual in search of a platform to build their resume, learn and acquire actionable tactics and skills to land their dream job. We were tasked with increasing their overall on-site SEO by incorporating a grandfathered blog, migrating class content to their CMS from a platform called Wistia and making the website a one-stop-shop for content and signups via their SaaS product.

Client’s Dilemma

Teal was having a hard time transitioning ALL of their content from different platforms to one place. So, we were tasked with bringing the entire experience to Webflow for a simple and effective user experience without losing SEO influence in the process. So, we decided to work on developing a detailed sitemap to accommodate changes and migrate content into an easy to use website platform.

  • Teal needed to combine their website efforts into one platform (content was living on Wistia, Google Docs and an old blog)
  • Teal had a wealth of content that was difficult to find on-site
  • The current website lacked the infrastructure needed to scale efforts with a powerful CMS
  • Users needed to be able to view the latest content, understand the 4 core offers and have an easy barrier to entry for sign up for their free SaaS platform

The Solution

Our first plan of attack was to develop a cohesive plan  that included creating an archive of content segmented by the following categories: SaaS tools and Career Hub. The Hub would be a solution to solve most of the content marketing issues including resource-based content, classes, past events and an archive of actionable content for active job seekers. We created a sitemap conducive to growth and segmented content by using Webflow CMS collections to simplify the user experience.

Teal also hired a separate branding agency in the interim. This process provided us with a branding and logo system we could then use to design high fidelity wireframes of the website at every breakpoint including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We created sub-pages for each SaaS product and created a very streamlined user experience, despite the website having over 400+ content pieces it never felt bloated to the end user.

  • Migrated 400+ content and articles to one platform
  • Designed and developed custom website development
  • Simple user experience on-site with an emphasis on 4 core services
  • Complete CMS build of intricate details including a Career Hub with categorized content, classes and corporate news
  • Built a design system with color palette, launch strategy and content.

The Result

After a 90 day sprint, Brand Discovery and iterations which included sitemap development and wireframe design based on historical data and analytics history, we built 1 cohesive platform for browsing SaaS services, learning more about Teal and a HUGE Career Hub with a wealth of content.

  • 30% increase in overall traffic over 90 days
  • The brand guidelines for both brands were distinct and rewarded with praise from the design community
  • A simple and easy to use interface and design for users to make updates and tweaks to the design
  • 13% increase in impressions and over 70,000 impressions in the last 30 days

The Showcase

Throughout the project it was a blast collaborating with a production studio that trusted our vision and penchant for user-based decisions.  We were also provided amazing logo and branding assets from the talented branding agency, Order. The Teal team was ecstatic with the work and can easily make updates to the website on a whim without breaking content due to the web building platform, Webflow.

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