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Ritholtz Wealth Management

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For Ritholtz Wealth Management, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign and branding update, culminating in a custom CMS built in Webflow. Our innovative design approach transformed their online presence, creating a website that not only reflects Ritholtz's expertise in financial planning but also enhances user engagement through an intuitive and aesthetic user interface. This project emphasized our commitment to delivering solutions that marry functionality with cutting-edge design, ensuring Ritholtz Wealth Management stands out in the financial services industry.
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For Shortcut, we executed a complete development overhaul, customizing designs for feature pages and building them into a CMS for seamless updates. This project demanded precise execution to unite planning and development into a singular experience, integrating Docs, Issue Tracking, and Sprint Planning features. Our efforts culminated in a robust page architecture, enhancing Shortcut's ability to serve high-performing teams with a platform that streamlines their workflow and productivity.
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