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The Brief
The Equitist had established itself as a consultancy focused on equipping healthcare organizations with actionable coaching, workshops, leadership training and real-time problem-solving. So, with the First Do No Harm initiative, their team was in search of an agency that could bring their newest release to life with vivid illustrations and visual content to promote equity in health for everyone.
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The Problem

The Equitist, one of our previous clients, was looking forward to developing First Do No Harm, an online platform, event, and PDF download focused on becoming a starting point for healthcare and public health organizations and leaders, and a roadmap to intentionally embed anti-racism as a part of  everyday actions. They wanted to convey this content in a visually appealing way with custom illustrations and design which made it easy for site visitors to understand their goal. We went to work.

Client’s Dilemma
It was difficult for the client to convey their ideas visually, so we decided to create illustration artboards and more to help convey their idea. The goal being to leverage content into a visually appealing download and mini-site conveying their ideals.

  • Required custom illustrations tailored to their ideal consumer
  • Beautiful PDF design to convey a wealth of text-based content in a simple way
  • The content needed to be easy to digest and conveyed with visual designs, infographics, and more
  • The Equitist also required a landing page with an interactive layout to promote the downloadable PDF

The Solution

One of our initial steps was to schedule a brand discovery session. During the session, we uncovered specifics regarding what was needed for the launch and our strategy for turning a detailed file in Google Docs into a beautiful PDF for download and a website for users to download content.

  • A custom design for the PDF
  • Custom illustrations built around the branding and conversions
  • A Webflow website to promote the event and PDF

The Result

We worked diligently to create hand drawn illustrations to develop a consistent brand look and feel tied with The Equitist. We also developed long page Google Doc content and converted it to a visually appealing PDF developed to make it easy for users to browse high quality content.

  • Fully functional Website built using the Webflow CMS and custom JS.
  • Quick loading times around the globe with most loading under 700 ms.
  • A detailed CMS system built for the end user and clients for ease of use and updates.
  • Custom illustrations hand drawn and built from scratch
  • A beautiful downloadable PDF

The Showcase

To affect change, the essence of equity has to be an embedded anchor of the foundational and operational frameworks of an organization. The Equitist is focused on including resources to get users started and spark conversation around the world. Here were some of the images along the way:

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