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Justin Welsh

Web Development
The Brief
Develop an intricate, user-centric website based on the detailed wireframes provided by the renowned designer, Henry Dan (
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The Problem

Justin Welsh's brand needed a comprehensive shift. Moving from a combination of Klaviyo and other smaller platforms, the aim was to unify over 100+ content pieces under one seamless, user-friendly system. Provided with a beautiful wireframe and design structure from Henry Dan ( we started our development process.

  • Fragmented platforms
  • Inefficient content management
  • Brand inconsistency

The Solution

5Four Digital took a streamlined approach. With the expertise in Webflow, we ensured the website was visually consistent and responsive across every breakpoint. Our main strategy involved creating an efficient content structure, which enabled us to seamlessly incorporate recurring content types.

  • Webflow CMS integration
  • Content structure strategy
  • User-focused design

The Results

With our intervention, Justin Welsh's website transformed into a cohesive brand hub. His courses, especially the LinkedIn OS, were presented in a compelling and easily navigable manner, significantly enhancing user experience.

  • Unified platform
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Streamlined content access
  • Boosted course visibility
  • Increased brand consistency
  • Efficient content management
  • Improved site responsiveness
  • Simplified operational efficiency

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