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The Brief
Perfeqta is a Talent Development Agency that helps companies build high-performing teams and put equity back into talent. Perfeqta works with high-growth startups looking to enhance their company culture to better recruit, retain, and advance talent. So, our goal was to convey their concise messaging, diverse team and beautiful aesthetic with a simple to navigate site with modern appeal.
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The Problem

Perfeqta is commited to building a safe, inclusive, and equitable workplace. In order to transform other company cultures, we must start with our own. We value diversity, encourage authenticity, and embrace all identities to build belonging and emotional safety from the inside out. Perfeqta needed to convey their mantra to a welcoming audience in a simple and effective way.

Client’s Dilemma
Perfeqta’s vision to create a dynamic talent and workplace culture for the global workforce of tomorrow, required a cohesive online brand to showcase their services and convert business owners into leads.

  • Required refinement of branding and design to develop a design system for the website.
  • Develop a sitemap to encompass page details and a robust case study page of featured content.
  • Assess and audit the existing website and make informed decisions on site changes.
  • One of the main features to implement would be to develop three primary CMS collections including Press, Blogs and detailed case study pages.

The Solution

With several solutions and new strategies around recruitment, DEI, and employee engagement, we were tasked with incorporating a strategy for showcasing service-based content to potential companies to convert to customers.

  • Detailed case studies pages managed via CMS including The Problem, The Solution and The Result.
  • Integration with Mailerlite and a free downloadable on the website for new site visitors and users.
  • Interactive site sections for scrolling animations and a smooth site transition from section to section.
  • We incorporated goal conversion tracking to monitor user experiences across device types.

The Result

Perfeqta develops and facilitate individual or series-based programming to empower and educate teams on allyship, anti-bias and inclusion, leadership best practices, and career development. We focused on a cohesive website experience with an emphasis on visual design, inclusion and incorporated original photography provided by the client to develop a beautiful contrast of colors, compliant design and a website refresh for their updated branding.

  • Fully functional website built using the Webflow CMS and custom JS.
  • Quick loading times around the globe with most loading under 700 ms.
  • A detailed CMS system built for the end user and clients for ease of use and updates.

The Showcase

Perfeqta recruits, retains, and advance fast-growing teams with ease. Browse images and development images from our process below.

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