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The Brief
Not only do we help other startups thrive, we develop our own. Black Illustrations is the brainchild of our Founder, John D Saunders. It is an online platform for digital creators in search of beautiful illustrations of Black people for upcoming projects. We had the opportunity to take an idea to fruition, resulting in more than 80,000 downloads in less than a year.
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The Problem

As a successful Branding and Web Design agency, we leveraged websites like Shutterstock and Unsplash for visual content.  However, with many of our Startup clients being diverse, it was hard to find illustrations featuring Black people in diverse settings. So, our team decided we would build a platform where digital creators could find high-quality illustrations of Black people for their websites, apps and digital projects.

Client’s Dilemma

There just wasn’t enough diversity in illustrations. Every platform we used didn’t encompass the Black experience.  Illustrations were missing skin shades, hair types and diverse body types of Black people around the world.

  • There was a significant lack in diversity in illustrations.
  • It was very hard to find illustrations reflective of the African Diaspora in visual projects.
  • Illustration platforms lacked diversity in leadership.
  • There were no platforms providing illustrations of Black people to the public.

The Solution

We decided to create a detailed platform where users could browse custom illustrations featuring Black people from all walks of life.  From the tech industry, remote work, STEM, music and more, we began to release exclusive illustrations to the digital community using Webflow, Jet Boost and Airtable to automate the process with our design team and development staff.

  • The industry required a simple, easy to use platform for users to download diverse illustrations.
  • The designs needed to be easy to update and customize in a plethora of file types.
  • A clean, Webflow site design would prove beneficial with fast loading times.
  • An integration with a solid payment gateway would solidify an effective user experience.

The Result

When we launched Black Illustrations as a collective, it exploded.  We had 10,000 downloads of our first release within just a few weeks and hundreds of positive messages from the design community.  Since then, we’ve gone on to do 600,000 unique site visitors and 85,000 downloads sitewide.

  • 85,000 unique downloads and tremendous positive feedback.
  • More than $250,000k+ revenue in under a year.
  • 4,000+ custom illustrations with thousands of downloads.
  • Featured in Webflow, Oprah Magazine and dozens of other publications around the world.

The Showcase

Throughout the project, Black Illustrations started as an idea and molded into a Startup.  With a team of illustrators on staff and a monthly strategy with countless releases, Black Illustrations has become a staple in the digital landscape for inclusion and diversity.

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