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For the Amazon Experience project, our collaboration was aimed at enhancing their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives through a comprehensive branding and web design strategy. We crafted a unique logo and visual assets that resonated with the core values of inclusivity and diversity, which were then seamlessly integrated into the development of a striking website. This website not only serves as a beacon for Amazon's DEI efforts but also sets a benchmark in conveying powerful messages through thoughtful design and development.
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For Jeeter, we were tasked with revitalizing their entire website to offer a seamless user experience by integrating all strains, content, and information into an intuitive Webflow platform. This included developing a custom CMS to aggregate their vast array of products, ensuring that visitors could easily navigate and interact with the site. Our goal was to create an engaging, accessible, and effortlessly manageable website that reflects Jeeter's commitment to quality and user satisfaction.
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