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June 19, 2022

Free Typeface Breakdown: My Top 10 Favorite Fonts for Startups, SaaS and Entrepreneurs


In today’s video, I’m breaking down my favorite typefaces. Now in this video, you’re going to get access to my full suite of free typefaces, where to find them, my favorites, and how to use them in your design projects. So make sure you all stay tuned, and let’s dive in.

One thing I do want to say: all of these typefaces are free for commercial and personal use, so you can use these in your logos, on your website, on your digital projects–basically, all of those spaces. Now, a lot of designers will tell you, “Oh, typefaces on Google or some of these other websites aren’t the best.”

There’s been a huge transition to these websites especially for agencies starting out, trying to make a name for themselves, where you can’t afford to purchase from a foundry where they might charge you a premium for typeface and your project is just not at that scale yet.

So without further ado, let’s dive in–again, you can grab the Notion link. There is no opt-in, and I’m gonna give you all that for free. Let’s go!

Favorite Typefaces

These are my favorite typefaces that we’ve used in quite a few client projects. What I’ve done is put this in a Notion doc, this is gonna be shareable, so you can grab this link anytime, no opt-in. And what I’ve done is you can see a quick image of that typeface. You can see the site that it’s located in, so you can just click the link and it’ll open up that specific typeface for you.

Or you can see what type it is–here we have san serif, as well as script, and then top tier. Top tier is just a few of my favorites, so a few of the ones that I really love–as well as our design and visual team, specifically, our design lead, A.B.

So without further ado, when you check out this link, you can click it to view everything. Then you can also click, instead of Gallery view, you can click the Table and it’ll show you like a list format. So I’ve just made this really easy for you to access and reference anytime you need to.

So anytime we use a typeface and really like it, we’ll add it to this list and you’ll see this added and updated dynamically. So maybe what I’ll do is, I’ll do this every year.


What I’m gonna do is I’ll show you some of my favorite, top tier, typefaces. So if we look down here, this one’s Thiccboi–the name is great–but this is actually a really cool and clean font that I found about a year ago. Just a really nice san serif, I’m gonna show you what this looks like in real time.

So I click this–it’s on Github–here they provide you with the packages and everything that you need to essentially download that typeface. It’s a really clean, nice, san serif font–as you can see, lower case looks really nice. This would be really good for a tech or SAS product, looks really easy to use and read, there’s no feet or hooks on it as you’d see in a serif font, just a really dope typeface.


This one, Satoshi, was found by our lead designer, A.B. I don’t know where he found this one, Font Share is the site, but it’s just a beautiful typeface. We actually use it on our new website, our rebrand, so you can see it live, in full effect, right here.

So as the site loads up, you can see that this is what we use here. There’s a free Google Chrome extension called WhatFont, where you can look up the fonts at any website–I use this all the time, especially for design projects.

So again, we love Satoshi, we use it for our agency site, as well as my personal site. It just looks really great, especially with this dark background and white typeface, it just works really, really well.

So, Satoshi is another one of my favorites, Quicksand and Raleway are both beautiful Google fonts, and then we have Poppins.


Poppins is probably goated. I mean, this typeface is pretty flawless, it looks great Italicized and Regular, looks beautiful Extra Light and Thin as well. It’s very versatile also, you can use it for a plethora of different brands, nonprofits, SAS, startups, tech–I mean, it’s just really versatile, and this is actually a free typeface from Google Fonts.

If you click here, you can always see it’s top tier, it’s always at the top 10 typefaces for the year, just works really well and it’s just really versatile. Again, all of these can be used for commercial and personal use. So feel free to use away.

Playfair Display

This is probably one of my favorite serif fonts. We don’t use serifs a ton, but when we do, we like to use Playfair Display. As you can see, the Semi-bold is just gorgeous, nice feet and hooks here, the f with this nice kinda colon, this looks really, really clean.

Also Lora, Manrope.


Here’s another one of my favorites. Lora is top tier for me, another great serif font–and just so you know the difference, for those that don’t: a serif font usually has, like, these hooks on it, which gives them a more classical feel, so you’ll see this with a lot of high end brands. San serif does not have those hooks and transitions, so it looks like a really modern, kinda contemporary font.

As you move here, here’s another: Lexend Deca, beautiful. Libre Baskerville. And then, a few additional favorites.

Jakarta Sans

This is another Github goldmine. Jakarta Sans is just another beautiful typeface, as you can see here with this H1, and then here with the paragraph font, just really well done and clean.


Inter is another versatile typeface, this is one of Google Fonts, probably top tier. If you go to Google Fonts, you can actually look at what their top typefaces are just by hitting this and just hitting the most popular–as you can see, Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Montserrat, Source Sans Pro, Poppins is there as well.

Lastly, this is one of my new favorites, Clash Grotesk.

Clash Grotesk

There’s Clash Grotesk and Clash Display, so kinda look at this one here, but man, I love this typeface and how clean this looks, especially because it gives it a more specific feel–it’s almost a mix of serif and san serif.

Here, I’ll show you what that looks like. But it just looks really dope, just another beautiful typeface.


So that’s it, that’s all I got for you all! This is a freebie, so be sure to grab it, and I’ll see you all soon.

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