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June 19, 2022

My Favorite Productivity Hack for Focused Work


In today’s video, I’m talking about a little tool that I use for productivity, right here. Let’s dive in!

I’ve got to tick some timer here. It’s really easy to set, actually. I can put it down.

If I go fast, I can go by the minute. If I go slowly, it’ll track the seconds, as well. So if I slow it down–let me put on 30 minutes here.

What I’ll do is put my phone in the other room, then I’ll take this and set it up for 30 minutes. I usually put my phone on “Do Not Disturb,” so I can put in a 30-minute incremental work session. Then, all I’ll do is hit “Start,” and now this will count down for the next 30 minutes.

So I can check this as I’m working to see how I’m functioning, and once that countdown goes to zero, I’ll go and take a break. I might take a walk outside, might take a session, read a bit, but I’ll be able to mix it up.

This is a great way to put my phone in the other room, get this timer going, and get my deep work session done.

Thank you, all, for checking out the video content. When you can, Like, Subscribe, and Comment, and tell me if this helps you or not. I will see you all next week.

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