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December 17, 2022

How to Generate 100+ Avatars of Yourself Using AI from Lensa AI


In today’s video, I’m showing you an insane AI tool where you take a few images of yourself, upload them to this platform and output 100+ AI avatars based on your likeness. This is insane, you all! I’m gonna dive in and show you all what we got going on, let’s do this!

I’m gonna show you all how insane this is: these images are all AI-rendered in an app called Lensa AI. I’m gonna walk you through this process. I’m still blown away–as a designer or someone who’s in the creative space this is a game changer, and we’ve just been seeing AI take over like crazy.

1. Using Lensa

So I’m going to open the app up, let me go back to my screen here, and I’m gonna go to the Lensa app. Now, once you download the app–let me go to the app store so you all can check it out–so this is the app here: the AI photo and video editor.

It really is a photo editor and they just introduced this feature called magic avatars–which is kind of insane–where you upload your images and you’re able to make avatars based on your identity.

I’m gonna walk you through on how it happens on the app. Now, when you open the app it’ll show you, essentially, the features, right? So you can go in, you can hit this button in the upper left hand corner–this is for the magic avatars–and you can start to create new avatars.

Now what’ll happen is it’ll give you criteria where you have to add in 10-20 photos of yourself. It has to be the same person in all the photos–you can have different hairstyles, different poses, and also selfies and portrait photos, variety backgrounds, variety of facial expressions–because the AI needs to gather all this data to make an informed decision on how it’s going to design these output images.

Of course, no photoshoots and no other stuff that’s listed here in this section.

2. Rendering Your Avatar

Then you’re gonna select your 10 photos, then the process is going to take about 20 minutes. When it’s done, what it’s going to do is push out and render out a pack of illustrations–as you all can see, not all these hit the mark, but it’ll break down a pack of avatars and it’ll be segmented by categories.

So you can see superhero, we have stylish–these are all rendered by the AI. I can also click individual one and I can click Save Photos, and I can either save in standard resolution or I can save in 4K. I can also share it with other folks that I know.

Going back, as you can see, we have mystical, we have sci-fi, we have astronauts, we have anime–I mean, there’s tons of categories here, and there’s 3 category sizes.

3. Trial and Subscription

You do need to have an annual subscription, but you can do the 7-day trial. So if you do sign up for Lensa AI, do the 7-day trial and then you pay 299 per render.

For example, if I wanna do–let’s go back here and let’s go to create an avatar, continue. Well, I won’t go through this step here, but after that it’ll give you 3 options: you can render, I think, 50 or 20, 100 and then 200. So there’s 3 tiers, I usually do the 100 one, and it’s 299 so you pay that cost directly to do that.

Again, there is an annual subscription, which is like $60, but you get a 7-day free trial so you can test it out. Then it’s 299 per render on these, and you 100 avatars to work with.

As you can see, some of these are just insane, like this one. It’s unbelievable, look at that. All rendered by AI, based on like 10 photos that I used.

Check it out, you all, and let me know. Drop your comments, drop your avatars, excited to see what you create out here in the AI-verse.


Thank you all for checking out the video content. As always, make sure you Subscribe, check us out, and I will see you all later.

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