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December 17, 2022

3 Things to Look for When Hiring a Webflow Designer | Webflow Developer


In today’s video, I’m talking about 3 criteria that we for in any Webflow developers that we hire. Let’s dive in!

Developer Criteria

Webflow explodes with developers, designers, and just people as a part of the ecosystem. We put together a 3-step breakdown of the criteria we look for when we’re hiring a Webflow developer.

Now let me make this full-page so y’all can see this in its full splendor here. What we do is we break this into 3 parts.

1. Methodology

One, they have to use some kind of methodology. So when we’re hiring a Webflow developer we usually ask for some read-only links of their website.

Read-only links give us an idea of what and how they built the website on the back end: what their naming conventions are like, how they’re building out their assets, and we can see if they’re creating clean websites that are gonna be awesome and conducive to SEO and indexing on Google.

So we like to do all of our websites using a client-first methodology. Essentially, it’s a set of guidelines and strategies to help us build Webflow websites. It’s built and managed by Finsweet–they’re amazing at what they do, and ultimately this helps us build out these sites pretty well.

2. Accessibility

We also look at the accessibility requirements. Webflow has actually created a checklist that we like to use to get that done.

So if you look at their accessibility checklist, you can scroll down these items. Most of these out of the gate with Webflow are completed, but there are some things that you wanna check out and make sure are included in your website design and development.

Things like “Don’t disable zoom,” “Hide elements with an area attribute,” “Include a skip to main link,” “Provide unique titles”--so you wanna try and include as many of these as possible in your design–“Find and fix empty links,” and so forth.

And you can use this checklist to kind of go through that accessibility and make sure that any of your developers do this as well when you’re working with them on projects.

3. Google Lighthouse

The last thing we look for is a Google Lighthouse score. So if they’re sending us test projects, we wanna make sure that these projects have at least an 80, or 75 and above.

You know, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but in regards to this Google Lighthouse overview, you want to make sure that their scores are pretty high on all four–at least an 80 and above in performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO. You can do this by checking out the Google Lighthouse overview, or downloading the extension and checking the websites out there.

These 3 criteria are what we’re looking for in any developer that we’re working with. Again, it’s the Google Lighthouse, Webflow Accessibility, and being able to use some type of methodology that they use throughout their websites.


So that’s my quick list, I’ll send you all the Notion link to our doc so you can check it out. Feel free to share this with potential Webflow developers you’re looking to hire in the future, and I hope this helped you out.

If you have questions, comments, drop them below. If you love the video, give me a thumbs up. And if you enjoy my content, make sure you subscribe.

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