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March 14, 2024

Create Branding Bento Box in Minutes [FREE TEMPLATE]


What's good y'all John D Saunders here you know the Vibes!

In today's video I'm talking about a new brand concept that's a great way to Showcase your brand assets in an easy concise way, for both case studies and your clients.

Let's go ahead and dive in y'all 

So you've probably seen these images floating around the internet like this,

It's a new concept called ‘Bento Box’ branding where you're showcasing brand colors, typography and visual assets in an easy and concise way. For both clients to be able to make decisions and for you to show these case studies to other agencies and other folks, potential to hire you. So let's go ahead and dive in! I'm going to jump on my computer and show you what this looks like in real time. Now in most cases you'll have a full brand guideline.

This is for more engagements that are larger, right, where they might need typography, open graph images, favicons, web clips. They might need a whole bunch of different assets needed for their branding designs and so we usually do this for larger scale projects where we'll do a full brand guideline buildout we're to include a whole bunch of aspects including vision, brand values, core targeting tone, headquarters and more. And you can take a look at a full brand guideline here, to get the full scope and idea of what that entails.

But for smaller engagements, is, if you're an agency that's in web design or branding and you're doing smaller engagements where you just want to provide an overview to clients on the ideas and concepts that you're working with in regards to your guidelines, you can do a Bento Box template. So similar to a Bento Box you would get from an Asian restaurant where you've got different types of food, you have a Bento Box for your logo and branding assets where you can see everything in one bird's eye view. 

Here's a brand that we did for a client, this is a video game company. As you can see just by looking at this one sheet you get a general idea of what they provide, their overall color palette, the font choice, as well as the use of their favicon in real time, as you can see right here. So what we've done is we put together this Figma template for you to to be able to use.

Here's the second example that we had as well, just to show like what that mobile would look like with the menu and just a visual representation of the brand as a whole. This is a great way to conceptualize and showcase clients what you're working on in a really quick and concise view. As opposed to going in and doing a full brand guideline. We usually present logos in this way where we'll present two to three options with different color palettes to help clients decide on which avenue they want to choose.

So actually, let me show you a few other examples so you get a general idea. Here's another example for a tech company we worked with. We actually did a light and dark version so they can see what that looks like. And it's just a really quick and easy way for them to see and improve the concepts and ideas that we're working on in real time.

So going back to our template here, I'm going to provide you a link to this so you'll be able to access this ‘Bento Box’ template. You'll be able to use, for any of your upcoming projects that you have for your clients or yourself. You can grab it right HERE.

It will have two versions of the one that we did for a client. And then it will also include these templates that you can use to go ahead and get it done. And then we just did a quick mockup, that you can be able to use with your projects. The main goal with this is to really represent and showcase a project quickly. It's really effective for clients but it's also great for when you're showcasing this on social media and using it for case studies. People love to see it. It's really easy to see, it works well in regards to like Twitter image and Facebook image sizes for other people to see examples of your work.

Go ahead and grab this on Figma link and I'll see y'all soon!

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