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IndieGameStudio - Template
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A Clean, Video Game Webflow Template

IndieGameStudio is a seamless video game template built to showcase your newest release. As a video game designer, indie studio or new release on console, PC or mobile, it’s the perfect Webflow Template for your video game business.

With pre-built pages for a Press Kit, Video Game Details, News and separate CMS Collections for Characters and Blog, it's perfect for your new video game release, indie studio or mobile game.

Built for Video Game Companies, New Releases and Blogs

IndieGameStudio leverages the popularity of other video game websites by tapping into how they formulate and display content in a responsive display. With clean, scrolling animations, simple design and an effective array of elements, it’s the ideal template to build out your video game studio, a new release or your video game blog.

Dark & Light Page Versions

IndieGameStudio displays all pages in two formats: dark and light.  This option helps Webflow users choose an interface that reflects the video game aesthetic of their choice.  From the imagery, content, backgrounds and footer, every detail accommodates both options for easy updating and responsive design.

Lightning-Fast Speed

IndieGameStudio uses a simple layout to provide template users with a fast-loading design built to showcase your video game in seconds.  With smooth, scrolling animations and a simplified design, it’s easy to make changes and updates in record time.

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Press Kit & Video Game Detail Pages

Showcase your video game in one long-form page including customized sections for your game details, videos, CMS for characters, easy-to-use typography, console icon library and color palette.  We make the process SIMPLE by breaking down the sections you need to improve the user experience for gamers.

Multiple CMS Collections for Collaboration

With multiple CMS integrations, we make it easy to edit your website by providing Characters, Blog Categories, Authors and Blog Post CMS Collections to make developing your NEW website a breeze.

Built for High-Converting Design

We build templates for beauty, functionality and conversions.  All of the design queues and placement are based on real-world data based on other popular video games in the Battle Royale, RPG, Action and Adventure genres.  The template includes pages and layouts that help users convert by completing the quick, customizable forms and calls-to-action.

100% Customizable

Customize EVERY aspect of IndieGameStudio by updating content in the designer.  All of the elements, styles and interactions are yours to change.

All You Need, None of the Fluff

From Utility Pages including customized Password and 404 pages, we’ve also added Style Guides and Licensing for ease of use.

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