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May 13, 2021

In today’s episode, I’m gonna give you a tour: this is my humble home office. I have been working at a remote agency for the last 6 years. Currently, we are a 10 person remote team.

So I wanna show you my digs, you know. It’s nothing crazy, nothing outlandish, just wanna give you an overview of my office—something that’ll help with your productivity—and go through my list. Let’s do this.

Work Desk Setup

I keep my desk pretty minimal, so I have a SmartDesk 2: this is a Home Edition desk—it’s both a standing and sitting desk—helps me when I need to move a bit, as well. And then I also have a Macbook Pro, 16-inch. I like the larger inch just because I’m able to detach it and work remotely.

Then, I have an LG curved, ultra wide monitor. This is crucial to work. It helps me get things done, helps me have multiple windows up so I can really review sites in full detail.

In regards to the Macbook, I went and got the full upgrade as well. I started with pretty much nothing, so it was a really great upgrade for me.

In regards to the keyboard and mouse setup, I got the Logitech MX Master 3. I can’t tell you enough great things about this keyboard and mouse combo. It works really, really well and helps me get work done efficiently.

That’s the biggest thing, right? It’s all about the productivity as well.

When it comes to my mic, I got a Yeti. This one’s about $129 on Amazon. It works really well for my videos and the Standard Operating Procedures that I record for my team.

I’ve also got the Dazzne Mounted Lighting Kit for night time recordings and making videos pop with natural lighting. It works really well and it’s super affordable.

Again, back to the keyboard and mouse combo, this MX Master is crucial for efficiency. Pick it up. It’s a little expensive, but definitely crucial to your needs.

So that’s pretty much my desk setup: I’ve got my curved monitor, the lighting, and then my Yeti mic. This is pretty much all I need to crush it with my workload.

A Glance at the Rest of the Office

Now, when it comes to the rest of the aesthetics, I’m a huge Star Wars geek as well as a Marvel fan, so I’ve got some artwork around the office. I’ll tag those artists as well, so you can check out their work. I try to find artists that are pretty underground or on Instagram in some of those ways.

And then, I’ve got my whiteboard, which you gotta have to document the process and make sure you’re getting info out there and to your team. And I like to have it as a visual component as well.

Then I like to have a monitor—I like to watch Youtube videos while I’m working. And then a futon if I wanna just sit down and brainstorm some ideas.

Now, when it comes to this, I do have a bookcase setup—I’m an avid reader—and I do wanna share some of my books with you.

But, before I do, I gotta show you—I call it the liquor cart, I usually have it on a Friday afternoon. I might have a simple whisky before the weekend, and it’s just a really great way to help finish out the office.

When it comes to the whiteboard, I like to document everything on Asana, and then write the daily tasks each day. And then, I like to break down my liquor cabinet, because you gotta have one if you got the office. I like the Mad Men style of it.

And I’ve got this really great art piece right above it that has a Playstation 1 kind of broken down with some of the top games. So, really proud of that piece as well.

The Liquor Cabinet

Some of my favorites from the liquor cabinet are: the Glenfiddich 15 year; I also have an 1884 by Uncle Nearest, which is the black slave that taught Jack Daniels to make whisky; and, of course, the Japanese whisky setup as well.

The Bookcase

So, back to the bookcase: here’s my setup. I actually picked up two bookcases from IKEA and set them up here. I set them up next to each other so they look like one big bookcase, but I’m able to fit all my books, my toys, my favorite things—as you know, I’m a Marvel fan, and I’m a huge Spider-Man geek so I’ve got Spider-Man paraphernalia, books, toys, and all that good stuff.

And this is actually a poster from Oprah—one of my businesses was featured in the magazine, so I have that showcased there. And then, here are some of my books, including the one that I wrote right there—A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Wealth from $1. Some of my Star Wars stuff, like Boba Fett and Darth Vader, and some more of my favorite books in the reading.

My Favorite Books

So last thing I wanna do before I jump out of this video is kinda show you some of my favorite books from my bookcase: things that’ll help you with productivity. I went ahead and grabbed some of my favorite recent reads from about 6 months to a year. I wanted to break those down for you and tell you a little bit each one—again, this link will be below, for you to grab all these books at your leisure.

So number one: I gotta talk about the E-Myth. This helps you build and understand why you need to build systems within your business and how crucial it is to growing and scaling your efforts.

Next up, you know, I gotta do this shameless plug: A Step-by-Step guide to Building Wealth From $1. This is the book that I wrote to build your generational wealth incrementally at every age and stage in your life. A quick read and a tad over 6,000 copies sold.

Next up: Logo Design Love. This is an iconic book for building brand identities as well as logo systems within your business to create that affinity toward a brand, and create more users, and buyers to your brand. It’s visual and it’s an awesome read, I implore you to pick it up.

Building a Story Brand: can’t say enough great things about this. This shows you how to create messaging around a story, its ties in film, and shows you how to tell a story so you can get users to buy and purchase from you by falling in love with your story.

Two more books that I love: these are books by Austin Kleon. One is Steal Like an Artist, and the other one is Show Your Work. This breaks down how and why you need to show your work on a daily to your consumers and your users to build that trust, and build users over time.

Lastly: Profit First is an amazing read. Every single business owner on earth needs to read this book. It has so many tidbits and tips on how to scale your efforts and build your business efficiently.

Of course, can’t leave it alone without talking about The Lean Startup, and Atomic Habits. This is how you can make tiny changes that can create a cataclysm of growth and opportunity in your life.

And I hope to see you more. Again, thank you, and please subscribe, we’ll talk again later.

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