How to Remove the Background from ANY Image in Under 10 Seconds
November 24, 2020

So if you’ve ever wanted to use an image, a beautiful image that you found on a website like, or, and you wanted to remove the background from that image, it’s been difficult, right?

You’d have to go into Photoshop, click that image, put it on another background, it’s a pain in the ass, right? 

Well, I figured out a way and a tool online where you can pull that image and use it however you like, remove the background in seconds.

So I’m going to show you how that’s done.

Pick an Image for Background Removal

So I’m on This is a free image site to find beautiful images of people. So this guy looks pretty dapper, he looks cool. I’m going to Download this image.

So when I download that, I can go to this website called Again, this is a completely free tool that will remove the background from any image, automatically free in seconds. It’s crazy. 

So you can see this young lady, she has her background removed here, you saw the background was there a couple seconds ago.

Upload Image to Remove.BG

So if I hit Upload Image, I’m going to go upload, I’m going to go to my downloads the image that I just got of this guy named Mick. Okay, it’s uploading the image—takes a few seconds, usually. And here we go, the image background is already removed, ready to go.

I’m just going to hit Download High-Res. Actually, I think you have to pay extra for high res, so I’m just going to do Download. 

Start Using Your New Image!

And then once I download it to my drive on my computer, and I’m just going to drop it in here. This is one of my daily posts that I post on social media. So I’m going to go to Downloads, I’m going to drop this background in here.

All right, that’s kind of a cool effect here, right? You’ve got this guy. I’m going to make this a little bit smaller.

And then I’m just going to hit Enter. It should look nice and clear. And then I’m going to fade it a little bit here on my screen.

Okay, there we go! It’s that easy. That simple.

I hope that tool helps, and I will post the link in the video. Cheers. 

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