How to Organize Your Webflow Dashboard
November 24, 2020

Today, I’m going to talk about Webflow and give you some quick options that you can implement in minutes.

So quick preface, I posted on the Webflow designers’ group on Facebook, about how my projects were organized in the Webflow dashboard. And a lot of folks commented that they didn’t even know there was an option to organize your projects. So I’m going to show you how to do that in less than 60 seconds.

So first thing you do, go to

This will show all of your projects in a bird’s eye view, you can actually organize these by folder. 

Organize Folders in Webflow Dashboard

Now I do this in a few ways. I have them numbered.

So I have, 1 - Clients (Hosted); 2 - Clients (Non-Hosted); 2 - In Development; 3 - Projects; 4 - Templates, and 5 - Clones.

So easily at a bird’s eye view, I'm able to see all the projects and delve into each one specifically. So I can see how many projects we have in development.

I can also see how many personal projects I’m working on, as well as how many clients we’re hosting right now on the platform. 

Create Folders in Webflow Dashboard

Now to create folders is really easy. You just hit this + button to the folder and you title that folder, whatever you like.

So I’m going to call this John’s Cool Projects. And then you want to number it because you can organize it alphabetically or numerically. So I’m just going to put this as 6 and then hit Create Folder, and it’ll create that folder. 

Move Project to Folder on Webflow Dashboard

Now, if you’re looking at a specific project, all you have to do is hit the (...) buttons here and just go to Move to Folder and move it to that specific folder.

Yes, it’s that easy. Organize your folders, organize your life, and make it easier on yourself. Hope that helps and I wish you the best.

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