One Huge Way to Lower Facebook Ad Cost



Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, we talk tips on improving your Facebook Ads and lowering your cost of reaching your consumer.

Facebook’s algorithm is BASED on relevance. Honestly, the entire web is based on how website’s can serve up content that’s relevant to you. Yes…you! Every website you visit, every question you ask on search engines and every single keystroke you generate creates your online persona and marketers and brands pay big cash to directly reach their ideal demographic. 

That’s where Facebook Relevance score comes in. If you’ve created Facebook ads as a marketer or business owner, then you’ve probably seen an area in your ad manager that breaks down your specific ad’s relevance score.

So, what the hell is a relevance score?

Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback Facebook expects an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions receive a higher ad relevance score. (Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, clicks, etc…) The more times Facebook expects people to hide or report an ad, the lower its score will be.

So, Why is it important?

Relevance score can help lower the cost of reaching people. This creates a positive signal for Facebook. Resulting in your ad being served more often and more inexpensive than the competition.

It also helps optimize ads, as relevance score can change for an ad over time. This is a solid indicator that the ad might need to change.

It’s Important but Don’t Bet Solely on Relevance Score

While relevance score is important, it’s not the primary indicator of performance. If you’re running an ad for a local restaurant and your goal is to drive individuals to order via your website, that conversion may be more important than your relevance score.

“If you’re ad is killing it, do not put a pin in it”

Use Relevance score to reach your audiences at lower cost, and to test and learn about your ad creative and ad targeting, but don’t use it as the primary metric for your ads.

So, I wanted to talk about 3 tips for improving your relevance score:

Be Specific with Targeting

Targeting is probably one of the most important pieces to your relevance score. You want to be as targeted as possible without being too granular. A great way to focus on your key demo is to target your individual’s buyer persona. Here’s an example:

Refresh Your Ads

A refresh can improve your score also. Over time, an audience that once responded positively to your ad can grow tired of it. When the relevance score for an ad drops, try creating another ad with new content for your audience.

Use Great Images & Verbiage

Images and texts trigger an emotion. So, with our ads we like to use closeups, smiling individuals and simple and easy to digest text content. We usually keep our messaging below 180 characters. These are some examples of recent top performers.

Well, that’s our episode for today. If you love our content, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching The Digital Block and I’ll see you again soon. Peace!

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