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Case study
Prop Movie Money
Web Design
Branding & Strategy

The Start

Prop Movie Money had built a sizeable following with their current website hosted on Wordpress. However, the site speed was bogged down by glitches, long load times and website issues that plagued the user experience. By using Wordpress plugins to expedite site interactions, the site performed poorly.

We developed a complete website migration of a popular e-commerce business resulting in 24% increase in sales.


The Solution

First, we reviewed the branding components of the logo and collateral. The business required a facelift to stay relevant, and our team set out to create a modern, timeless design that was reflective of their key buyer persona. Based on data, we developed a NEW brand identity from scratch.

From the illustration to the execution of the design, we found a SOLID combination of relevant design for the ideal consumer. Once the brand identity was completed, we built a completely custom website design by leveraging our development process which includes:

  • Website Wireframe Design
  • Website Prototype Development
  • Custom Shopify Design Built for Speed
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website LIVE

Prop Movie Money's website migration proved to be a huge success. While the business grew exponentially on the new platform, their SEO saw an uptick, as well. Our team worked to make sure all URLs were redirected properly to the new site and optimized for search engines.

Design process timeline
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▫️ 24% Increase in Sales

▫️ Custom Shopify CMS

▫️ Brand Identity Development

▫️ Responsive Site Design

▫️ Custom Shopify ecommerce Integration

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Case Study
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