How we ranked a small exotic
car rental company to #1 for
500+ keywords and helped
them becoming the most
popular exotic brand in the U.S.

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  • mph club®
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  • Digital
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  • Design, Web Dev, Branding, SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing

mph club® started as a small exotic car rental shop with
5 vehicles. The team required a structured digital strategy
to reach potential rental consumers in the South Florida market. With an emphasis on SEO, content marketing and social media, we set out to leverage online channels to
develop a solid plan.



Using exotic cars as the catalyst to showcase content we
developed a detailed strategy over the course of a year. The 5four Team created intricate website content that included: detailed landing pages for exotic vehicles, dedicated
keyword pages and video content on-site resulting in over 400 total web pages.

Then, the team leveraged that content via social channels to drive both traffic and consumers to the website to convert to leads via a simple to use contact form CRM.


  • A 600% Increase in Web Traffic
  • A 600% Increase in New Visitors
  • Ranked #1 for “exotic car rental miami”
  • Ranked #1 for 120 Other High Level Keywords
  • Top 10% of Instagram Users
  • More than 26,000 Unique Visitors Monthly
  • Fleet Increased to More than 18 Vehicles
  • 7-Figures in Sales
  • 700+ Quality Backlinks from Local and National Resources