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Milo Mobile

Brand Identity
Website Design & Development
The Brief
We had the opportunity to completely create the Milo Mobile Brand, Website Design and Development for an up and coming App Development Company with a solid, talented team.
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The Problem

Milo Mobile was revamping their brand and building a NEW entity to migrate the marketing endeavors toward a fun, lighthearted and talented demeanor. The design aesthetic needed to reflect a bright and vivid design look and feel, tailoring to SaaS founders in search of an app development company to take their ideas to fruition.

Client’s Dilemma

Milo Mobile required a completely new branding experience. This was the result of a dated platform and brand name that needed to be modernized and provided with a refresh of content to be reflective of their cutting edge development agency.

  • Milo Mobile was a new brand that needed restructuring and design updates
  • Milo Mobile had a wealth of content that was difficult to find on-site
  • The current website lacked the infrastructure needed to scale efforts with a powerful CMS
  • Users needed to be able to view the latest content, understand the 4 core offers and have an easy barrier to entry for sign up for their services

The Solution

Our first plan of attack was to develop a cohesive plan that included creating a minimal, clean brand identity. We started by performing research on modern trends of design to make a clean, fun aesthetic that would help the brand grow and stay timeless simultaneously. We created a sitemap conducive to growth and segmented content by using Webflow CMS collections to simplify the user experience.

Our process led us to a branding and logo system we could then use to design high fidelity wireframes of the website at every breakpoint including desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We created sub-pages for each service offering and products and created a very streamlined user experience, despite the website being a brand new entity.

  • Designed and developed custom website development
  • Simple user experience on-site with an emphasis on  core services and product offers
  • Complete CMS build of intricate details including categorized content, classes and content
  • Built a design system with color palette, launch strategy and content.

The Result

After a 90 day sprint, Brand Discovery and iterations which included sitemap development and wireframe design based on historical data and analytics history, we built 1 cohesive platform for browsing services, learning more about Milo Mobile and a HUGE Career Hub with a wealth of content.

  • 67% increase in overall traffic
  • Brand guidelines for both brands are distinct and rewarded with praise from the design community
  • A simple and easy to use interface and design for users to make updates and tweaks to the design

The Showcase

Throughout the project it was a blast collaborating with an app development studio that trusted our vision and penchant for user-based decisions.  We  also designed amazing logo and branding assets. The Milo Mobile team was ecstatic with the work and can easily make updates to the website on a whim without breaking content due to the web building platform, Webflow.

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