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The Brief
Color Coded Labs finds, trains, and sets people of color up at companies ready to innovate at a greater scale. The 16-week tech & coding boot camp removes barriers for enrollment and opens doors for placements in great companies that are dedicated to diversity. We had the opportunity to provide branding and a digital product to convert users to students.
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The Problem

Color Coded Labs mission was to start a culture shift in the tech industry. They empower black and brown people to skill up in a tech boot camp built for them and connect graduates to innovative companies dedicated to diversity. Our initial goal was to develop a cohesive brand identity and website design reflective of their ambitious goals and deadline.

Client’s Dilemma

Color Coded Labs had a strict deadline to launch prior to the calendar school year deadline to develop a cohesive branding and website entity to capture potential leads and convert them into students.

  • We needed to develop a UI/UX strategy for website design and overall data capture.
  • As a startup, Color Coded Labs needed to move quickly and effeciently through the process.
  • Required a detailed sitemap product development process.
  • Appropriately plagiarize fully researched products whereas just in time internal.

The Solution

We decided to develop a cohesive website experience based on popular, successful accelerators around the U.S. Considering the broad scope of the project, we broke down the project into specific buckets including:

  • A 2.5 hour Brand Discovery session and competitive analysis of other accelerators
  • We identified improvements and strategies that could help exponential growth.
  • We developed a design-thinking approach to Brand Identity to create consistency across all content.
  • We developed a detailed framework and an easy to use form integration to convert leads.

The Result

We utilized a vibrant, bright and engaging color palette to entice young, aspiring students to join the educational accelerator, Color Coded Labs.  With clean, simple and large buttons and content, it was easy for users to navigate the website and complete the form to join the upcoming colding accelerator.

  • We implemented an interactive experience including scrolling animations and an emphasis on button placement.
  • We were able to successfully develop a detailed design systen quickly, to create continuity in the brand.
  • We delivered concise information architecture from high fidelity design, turning the prototype into a tangible website.
  • Our goal was to empower the user to make an informed decision to complete our quick form and convert into a customer.

The Showcase

We worked alongside the Color Coded Labs Team to develop the brand Identity, including Values, Mission and overall aesthetic for the brand. Over the course of 3.5 weeks we perfected the design until it was a  design reflective of the ideal user experiencing the website for the first time.

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