How we generated
60k+ visits, 3k+ subscribers
and 100k video views
in 9 months

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blackwallet® started as a necessity. After a thorough
search of financial literacy content geared at urban millen-
nials, we realized this niche was under serviced. Since we
maintained both both the bandwidth and the process, we
decided to start a completely custom blog. Learn how we
took a one sentence idea and created an entire brand,
equipped with identity, user interface (UI) and experience in
a few months to an automated blog MACHINE.



Leveraging relevant content on the web and improving on
that content to create rich, actionable blogs for users, we
curated content for millennials.

Multiple days
with more than
70 signups

Viral video content reached more than 180,000 active Facebook Users with 9k clicks and 2k sign ups.

With the inclusion of a bootstrapped Facebook Ad budget and extremely detailed targeting, we took a 0 traffic website to 7k a month unique visitors and more than 3k subscribers in a few short months.


  • Fresh New Logo and App Icon Design
  • Robust Branding Guide
  • Interactive UI/UX
  • Quality Blog Content with More than 5k Shares
  • Over 2,000 Website Subscribers
  • Over 5,000 Unique Visitors a Month
  • Mention in University Curriculum
  • Immersive User Experience