5 Lifehacks to Increase Your Productivity

Transcription: Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D. Saunders. In today’s digital block, I quickly break down 5 awesome lifehacks to increase productivity. Let’s do this!

We’ve all become consumed.

Our smartphones are an extension of ourselves and we can easily be distracted within seconds with social apps, notifications and everyday life. Today, I wanted to reveal 5 lifehacks that help me stay focused.

1 – Turn off Social App Notifications

This one will save you HOURS.  Trust me.  I recently turned off notifications for Facebook and Groups and gained more than 35 minutes a day.  By turning off its notifications, I’m not inundated with every notification that comes my way.  Instead of taking a few seconds to visit Facebook and getting trapped in an endless loop of fresh content, I’m able to check in periodically when I have free time.

2 – Simplify Your Daily Applications

Our agency  depends on just a few apps to conduct business and communicate with the team.  Consolidating the apps we use helps us streamline our process.  We use:

Slack – Team Communication

Google Drive – Reports, Files and Docs

Asana – Task Management

Our entire agency runs on these platforms for a nominal fee.  By sticking to these three platforms as our main apps it’s simple for us to effectively communicate.

3 – For the Love of Everything Digital, Take Breaks!

You go hard.

I know, but taking time away from work is crucial.  With many of my days ranging from 10-15 hours, it’s important to take breaks to stay focused and avoid burnout.  I like to follow the 45/15 rule similar to the Pomodoro Technique.  Basically, you work for 45 minutes straight.  No interruptions!  Then, for 15 minutes, take a break.  Trust me, it will increase your productivity 10 fold!  One quote from Academy Success really stuck out to me:

“After 45 minutes of prolonged focus, cortisol, otherwise known as the stress chemical, starts to build up in the body. If we don’t take breaks, it starts to attack us, mentally and physically.”

4 – Plan Your Day the Night Before 

Every night, I create my list for the following day.  This helps me mentally prepare for the next day by organizing harder jobs first and easier ones for the afternoon. It also alleviates time and stress that would otherwise be contributed to planning things the day of.

5 – Work on the Weekend


I’m not saying to take away time from family and friends.  However, productivity on the weekends is AMAZINGLY AWESOME.  There are no client calls, emails are usually less frequent and you can allocate a few SOLID hours to cleaning your inbox, completing quick jobs and reviewing reports.  Saturday morning is one of my favorite times for the grind.

Well, that’s what I’ve got, folks!  Thank you ALL for viewing our video content.  If you like it, feel free to subscribe below!  Peace!