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How to Convert Facebook Engagement into Active Fans

Transcription: Hey, Digital Fam! My name is John D. Saunders. In today’s Digital Block, I’ll show you how to take your Facebook engagement on top posts and convert those people into Facebook fans. Let’s do this.

Hey, everyone. I hope all is well. I wanted to get one more video into 2016 before we jumped into 2017 and started running. So, basically, I’m going to show you how to take comments, engagements, all that good stuff on your existing Facebook content and convert those people into fans who see your content on a more consistent basis. Super quick video, very easy to initiate. I actually learned this from our social media manager. She’s doing an awesome job so let’s go ahead and dive in and do that now.

Okay, guys, so really quick tip, this is basically how you take people who are engaging on your Facebook content who aren’t necessarily friends or fans of your content. This is how you convert them into fans of your Facebook page so that you can either re-target them or hit them with content later, right?

So first thing you want to do is make sure you’re on the admin side of your Facebook page. You have these options up here so that will let you know that you’re in the admin side. Next, you’re going to want to go to Insights. Once you go to insights, you’re going to go to posts here and then you’re going to scroll down. And when you scroll down, you want to organize all those content by your content that gets the most reach. So go ahead and hit reach or you can organize it by engagement.

So this is our top post, right? So all you do is click that post and this is a video so it was going to show you the video content, the engagement time, and then you’re going to hit post.

Now, here’s the important part. Here, we have 32 people who liked it, 2 comments and 11 shares. Now, the great thing about this cool little trick is if you hit the like button, anyone that isn’t invited on your page will show up here and you can invite them to like your page. So these are people that you’re not friends with, people that you basically be targeted through Facebook ads.

Many of them here, since I already invited them all, it already says invited, but for you, a lot of these would be blank. Some of them would be liked already because they’re existing fans. But all you do is click all of the individuals who aren’t invited to your page. This is a great way to get warm leads or people who are already interested in your content to convert to fans. It’s that simple, it’s that easy, just go through the process with all of your recent posts and make sure that anything that had a high engagement, all of those people have been asked to like the page. And, that’s it.

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