How to Control Email Inbox Overload with 3 Simple and Free Tools


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Hey, Digital Fam, my name is John D. Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, I’ll show you how to take your email inbox from thousands of emails to just a few a day to really take control of your email. Let’s do this.

Hey, everyone, I hope all is well. I hope you’re going to bring in 2017 with a bang. I wanted to make another quick video blog to go over your email inbox. Now, I see people that have thousands of emails in their inbox, I don’t know how they can manage all that daily with going through that many emails.

I read an article at Huffington post that said that we spend an average of 6 hours a day in email and that’s cut evenly between business and personal. So I’m going to show you how to take back control of your email inbox, really condense and compress all those emails everyday so that they’re easy to manage and you don’t have to spend hours going through emails. So let’s go ahead and dive in right now.

Okay, guys, so I’m going to try and make this as quick as possible. So these are the 5 steps that we’re going to go through to get to Mission Inbox Zero. This is how you’re going to take control of your Gmail and really be able to save a lot of time in your daily routine.

So number one, I highly suggest consolidating to one email client. We like to use Gmail and house all of our emails within that structure and I’ll show you guys that. Next stop, you’re going to sign up for I’ll talk a little bit about that later.

Number three, you’re going to want to use an app called Inbox on mobile that’s really effective at consolidating your emails. Number four, use Boomerang for all of our email scheduling and then five, euphoria, it’s time to enjoy life. So let’s go ahead and dive in, right.

So let me show you guys my inbox first of all. This is what my inbox looks like. As you could see, I’ve got 5 emails in my inbox, they’re organized, the structure is really clean. I get about 50-100 emails per day so this really helps me consolidate them.

So first, visit the main hub of all of my emails. All of my email addresses are housed here and I’m able to send and receive from this one Gmail, right. So the way I do that is you’re going to settings and you’re going to accounts and import. So you’re able to have 5 additional emails in addition to your main Gmail account.

So right here, I have 1, 2, 3, 4 accounts and I have– I got a check mail from other accounts. So what does that mean? That means that if I go to my inbox and I compose an email, I’m able to send to anyone, of course, but then I can also choose which account I’m sending from. So my main Gmail is this one. If I hit this dropdown, it will give me all the other emails that I have access to.

Now, if I click another email, it will automatically bring up that signature that corresponds to that email. So for example, the 5fourdigital, I might get a client that emails me directly to 5fourdigital. It will automatically send and receive messages based on what that client sent me. So I will have to switch my email address. It will correspond to that email in which that person sent me. That makes sense.

So in essence, you’re able to house all your emails on your browser. It makes it really easy so you don’t have to have an extra app, you’re not using an extra app for your emails. So to sign up for that, you must go to settings. You go to account import and then add another email address.

Now, the way to add those, you just have to go into your email and find out if your email is IMAP or POP. So once you pop those in, then you just go to General, scroll down, and then you can organize your signature based on whatever email you’re using. So this makes it really easy to have all your emails in one place.

Now, next on the agenda is you want to sign up for So if you’re like any other individuals where you probably have a ton of subscriptions in your inbox and that can really cloud a lot of your email structure.

So let’s say you have notifications from Facebook, you got it from your favorite clothing store, your favorite boutique, that’s three emails right there that are going into your inbox on a consistent basis. What does is it consolidates all those emails into one email subscription, all right. So let me show you guys how it works.

So if I log in, will show me all of my current subscriptions, right. What it does is it consolidates all subscription into one email. So let me go back to my inbox and show you guys. So this is my daily roll from If I click it, it shows me all my subscriptions in one organized email.

So you could see I have a subscription with Digital Marketer, Shopify, and a few others, right, gaming void, really cool artist. You should check him out. But this is everything consolidated into one email. So six emails into one email from all these subscriptions that I have. The great thing about is it’s totally free.

I assume they make money from these paid ads at the header and the footer. They probably get a ton of use on those. So, it’s a really cool tool. I highly suggest it. So now, instead of having six emails in my inbox, I have one. It really, really works super well. So if I go back to, it will show me my roll up for that day, the roll up is all those emails consolidated.

Now, I can look at my subscriptions and I can edit those. So these are two subscriptions that just came into my email. I’m going to add this to my roll up and I’m going to add this to my roll up as well. So now, all those are in my roll up. So currently, look at these numbers. This is crazy. So I have 2,000 unsubscribed– that I have unsubscribed for for probably the last two years and I have 90 in my roll up.

So I get about, I’d say about 5 or 6 emails a week from with all of my stuff consolidated, super clean. I mean, this tool has pretty much revolutionized my entire email. The tool is free. All you got to do is go to to download it.

So the next tool I’ll talk about in consolidating your emails, especially on the go, is by using Inbox by Gmail. So all you have to do to use Inbox is download the mobile app, install it on your phone and then sign in to your Gmail account that you use that’s consolidating all your emails.

What will happen is it’ll organize everything for you really, really effectively. So for example, if you look right here, sorry I keep scrolling, on Amazon, these are all my purchases. Purchases are organized and this is actually two emails here and this is one email with images so it’s really easy to go through your emails via mobile if they’re consolidated like this.

Also, promotions, purchases, trips, they’re all consolidated into one email. So purchases, for example, just click that. It will have all those in one email. Trips is the same thing. And then, you can also create consolidated lists to really bundle your emails. I mean, it works really, really well.

So the last thing we do is we use Boomerang for email scheduling. So let me actually go to my Gmail. All the links for these stuff is going to be below. You’re going to be able to click on the link, sign up for them, really easy. They’re all free to use, no further links whatsoever. I want you guys to be able to use this stuff and really leverage its content.

Let me go back and show you guys Boomerang. So for example, if I want to compose an email, a lot of times I work late at night until maybe 1 AM. I might not want a client to see that I’m sending an email 1 o’clock in the morning.

So what I’ll do is, and I’ll just do this as a test, email test, I’ll hit the send later button and now I can schedule when that email will go out. So I might send it tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, in 2 days, in 4 days. This makes it really easy especially for proposals.

A lot of times, we get a few proposals and we’ll stagger them out so that we can be able to correspond and respond to the client’s query. So this just makes it really, really easy to send our emails accordingly.

Now, Boomerang is free. I think it’s free up to about 15 messages and there’s a low cost per month. If you click the link below, you’ll be able to check out all these tools and be able to leverage them to really get your inbox down to a controllable number. I’ve seen people with emails that are 4,000, 5,000. It’s pretty crazy. So, I’m going to go back to this email agenda and just go over it in a summary.

So first things first, consolidate into one email client. I highly recommend Gmail. Sign up for to bundle all of your emails up. Use inbox on mobile to really just fly through your emails while you’re on the go and then use Boomerang to schedule all your emails so that when you stack them out, you make sure everybody is getting responded to.

And of course, the last step, enjoy your life. You don’t want to spend your whole day in your inbox. I hope this helps you guys.

Feel free to hit that subscribe button bottom right and make sure you check our content. We really appreciate every single view or question that we get. Stay tuned. Thank you, guys.