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Creating Engaging Facebook Ads for Nonprofits


Hey, Digital Fam! My name is John D. Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, we show you how to leverage Facebook Ads for nonprofits for some cheap and effective ads that will create some traffic for your website. Let’s do this thing.

Hey everyone! I hope all is well. I know we’re gearing off for the holiday season so you probably don’t have a lot of time so I’m going to get straight into the video.

Basically, we’re going to show you a quick ad set on how you can leverage your existing email list especially for nonprofits to get some really cheap and effective ads going for your content. Let’s do this.

Okay, guys, so we’re going to start this nonprofit Facebook tip with the following list. I wanted to have a breakdown so it simplifies the whole process for you guys. Uploading the email list is probably the easiest part. Basically, you’re going to take your existing email list and upload it on to Facebook so you can target all those people with Facebook ads.

Now, we don’t want to explain it in this video because we don’t want to make it too long but we have done it in prior videos. So, that link is in the upper right hand corner, right about now. If you haven’t uploaded your email list yet, you can check out that link. It only takes a couple of minutes. Once you’re done, just come right back here.

Number two, we create and track Facebook ads. So, we create these ads that target your email list, that are really focused, that are really targeted to people that already know about your brand and then we track it with analytics so we’re able to see what kind of engagement they’re getting.

Then step three is driving that traffic to a call to action which could include landing page, a mobile app install, a blog, whatever you’re trying to do. In our example, we use the website page with a call to action and a phone number to RSVP for an event.

And then number four is, of course, reap the rewards. You’re getting email list. You’re getting people to complete your form. You’re getting email list completions. Whatever your call to action is, you can reap that reward. So, let’s go ahead and dive in. I’m going to start with step two because you’ve already uploaded your email list, right.

So if I go to my Facebook ads, this is the campaign that we’ve ran. And this is just an example we want to show you before we delve in. Basically, we had a client that they are nonprofit. They had a 45th annual gala so we wanted to think of different ways to promote this event.

I thought that if we’re reaching general audience, it’s probably not going to resonate so what we wanted to do was take their email list which was about 17,000 people and target those people with highly specific ads, right.

So, it had really great engagement. We have 537 post engagements which includes links back to the website. The cost per engagement was 36 cents which is super low. And then I want to click on the ads so you guys can see more detailed information.

So as you can see, here is the main ad set area in the Facebook ad manager. The relevant scores are high, an 8 and a 7. The highest that you can go is 10. The higher your relevant score, the lower your cost is and the more engagement you receive on your ads.

Now, the main reason this ad is so engaging is because people are already familiar with the brand. An example of the ad, regular content that they would see so let me hit see post so you guys could see the example.

So it’s about the anniversary gala. It’s a little bit of information about it and then a call to action right here which links to their site.

Now, the landing page was really simple. We wanted to keep it as straightforward as possible because we wanted people to call in RSVP and talk about the event. So while that loads, I’ll show you the ad. Of course, it had great engagement, ton of comments, great shares, and then people would tag other friends and family members that were interested in the event. So, it did really well.

Now if I go to landing page, it’s just a simple landing page with information about the event and an RSVP area right here. So we kept it really simple, really effective. Now, because people are familiar with the brand, I’m going to go ahead and show you the analytics.

So this is the analytics for that specific landing page, right. And as you can see, there are 577 page views, 510 unique individuals visited that page and they spent an average of 6 minutes on that page.

Now, what does that mean? They were reading every detail of the event, wanting to know the pricing structure, wanting to know all the information and they most likely called in, which we tracked as well, to go ahead and RSVP for the event. So they stayed on that page for a while while they signed up.

We had 220 people signed up for the event so it was a really big success and the bounce rate, of course, is pretty high at 82% because people are coming here, they’re signing up and then they’re leaving and exiting this site.

So you guys can see the campaign did really well, the reason being is because we targeted people who are already familiar with the brand.

Okay, guys, so just to reiterate, upload your email list, create and track your Facebook ads, drive traffic to that call to action, the landing page, mobile app or blog and then reap the rewards.

So let me show you quickly how it’s done. Let’s go into here. So first, we’re going to go to create ad. Now, we usually work in the power editor but for the sake of time, I’m going to show you in the Facebook ads manager because it’s a lot more streamlined and easier to use.

First thing, I’m going to go to is boost my post. Now, a lot of times, people would say send people to your website but because these people are already more prone to your content, they’re more engaged and they’d more likely to click your ad. So, you’re actually going to be paying a cheaper cost. Now, go ahead and hit continue.

If you’ve already uploaded your audience, you’re going to go here and as you can see, I have the CHI total email list. Now, remember I told you we had 17,000 people. Now, what happens is when you take that 17,000 individuals and you upload it to Facebook, a lot of times, Facebook only gives you around 50 to 70 percent of those people converted because not everyone has a Facebook. I mean, there’s 1.8 billion people on Facebook but still, not everyone has one so it’s not going to convert that whole list for you.

So once I hit that, it’s going to add that list and I’m going to hit about 240-600 people a day for my budget which is about $11 per day. For placements, I’m going to scroll past this because you’re going to leave all these alone because you wanted to be as broad as possible so you can hit that total list.

Now, I’m going to scroll down a bit more and I’m going to hit edit placements. I never leave it on automatic just because of this reason, right? I don’t want to have it on Instagram just because it’s more wordy, it’s more text-savvy. The crowd that we’re targeting is an older crowd so we want to target Facebook, of course.

So I’m going to hit this drop down. I never use right column ads. Those are ads that you see on the bottom right-hand corner on Facebook. I’ll actually show you an example, hold on. They’re kind of hard to see. No one really pays attention to them. You’re going to pay a higher cost.

So I always go with feeds and that means the mobile and desktop feeds. So that means people, while they’re scrolling through their feed, your ad pops up.

I’m going to keep strolling. My budget is $11 per day. You can optimize your ad based on delivery. We usually do post engagement. You can do it based on CPM or impressions. Then I’m going to hit continue.

Let me show you the real ads while we’re here. We scroll a little bit, hold on one sec. Okay, so these are the real ads. As you could see, they’re a little bit bigger now but still, I don’t use them as much as, say, the news feed just looks more organic. Okay, so let’s go back. All right.

So let me choose the client. Now, I’m going to hit select a page post and I’m going to choose that post. Let’s see if it’s still here. It’s kind of a while ago so let’s see. There it is. So there’s the post. I’m going to hit review order so I can just show you guys what we did.

So the ad set name, we’re going to do main Chi and then our list is a custom audience which is CHI total email list, so that’s our email list. We want the ad placement to be in the Facebook feeds. We’re optimized for post engagement and our bid is on automatic.

So once you review that, you look at that, you title your campaign. You’re going to hit place order and it’s that simple. Now, to backtrack, sorry I didn’t show you guys this, you want to make sure that the link that you have here is trackable so when you create this post, make sure you use a Google short link or a bit.ly link to track your ads. It’s an [08:43] for you to sign up for that as well. But that’s it. It’s pretty simple, pretty easy and you always get high engagement for these engaging ads.

Thank you guys for watching our most recent video. Every view is much appreciated. If you loved the content, leave a comment below. Let us know other things you’d like to see, other content that you’d like to see us go over. And if you have not yet, go ahead and hit that subscribe button right there or wait ’til this video is done and I’ll post a link. Thank you guys, have a good one. Peace!