How to Easily Complete Data Entry for Marketing Efforts



Hey, Digital Fam! My name is John D. Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, I’ll show you how to do hours of online research without lifting one finger. Let’s do this.

A lot of marketing strategies begin with research, right? In order to target the right people and create content that resonates, it has to be organized and catered to the right pips.

Now, for example, if you’re an e-commerce brand looking to research Instagram influencers to market your product, you’ll need to do tedious research that takes tons of time, make spreadsheets and record your data to properly contact those individuals.

You conduct research on a daily basis for clients. As business owners, you don’t have the time to do it yourself. However, using our quick process, you can get data entry and research done in under a day.

So in today’s episode, we’ll go over the process of 1) finding inexpensive freelancers to complete your research and 2) we’ll provide downloadable notes and PDFs of our process.

Really quick, I’m going over these steps. The first one is head to or you can use UpWork as another alternative. We use Freelancer just because we’ve been on there for a few years and really familiar with the platform. So, we’re going to use that one in our example.

Two, we’re going to create your project. Three, you’re going to review the submissions for your project. And then four, choose the best candidate. We’re going to give you some tips and ways to really find someone that’s good. Then, you just wait until your project is complete.

So, first thing you want to do is of course sign up for a Freelancer account. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and do that. It takes about five minutes, not really a long time.

Once you sign up, I’m going to show you how to create a new job. So, for example, you’re going to go to Hire Freelancers and start a project.

Now, once you do that, it’ll have the categories of work and these are the things that you can get on Freelancer. So you can have web developers, mobile developers. There are writers, designers, data entry is what we’re primarily using before just so we can get all that data done pretty efficiently.

With jobs like these, we’ll outsource these because it’s something that’s pretty simple to do but just time consuming. So, data entry is going to be our main point of entry there. We go ahead and click that.

And then you can put what your project is about. Be descriptive as possible, what skills are required. A lot of times, it pre-populates so if I was doing, for example, graphic design, as you can see, it pre-populates there. Put as many that pertains to your project as possible. And then, you’re going to describe your project.

Now, we created a template, a Freelancer template that you guys can use. Not verbatim but most of the things you can take from here that you can use.

The first thing I recommend is asking them a question, right. So I usually start with first, so I know you truly took a look at the project, please answer the question 1+1=? This tells you that the individual actually read your listing. They make sure to put the correct answer so they’re not just basically spamming your listing.

So what will happen on Freelancer sometimes when you submit a job, you’ll get tons of people that submit the job without even having– look at the actual listing. So, this helps get rid of those people.

Now, I added another attribute to really solidify these listings. At the end, I put the answer to the question above should be awesome. So 1+1=awesome. So that lets me know that, one, they read the first sentence and the complete listing so I know that they’re really interested and they really submitted to this job

Two, it lets me know that by answering that question, I can immediately omit anyone that doesn’t start their response with awesome. So this helps just alleviate the process of when you’re doing it.

So I would just create your example and then pop it right here in the Describe Your Project. You can also include images if it has to do with anything like that.

Also, there are two ways that you could set your pricing. You could do fixed price or you could do an hourly rate. We usually do it fixed price for a project like this, I mean, you can literally get it done for $8. We usually find someone that does data entry for about $4/hour. It usually takes about 2 hours to do one of our projects, one example being– this is when we did for, we wanted someone to do research on Instagram followers in a specific niche.

Then, we also had them do this, this spreadsheet was full because actually 150 different websites where we created a link outreach program for our clients for SEO where we had them get the website, the name of the owner, e-mail address. If they’ve been e-mailed, notes, sending in.

So, we created this spreadsheet, will send this to you as well. And you can basically pull any type of information that you’ll need.

Let’s say you want someone to do research on Instagram followers or, you know, people that have read a specific book, you could really get some good details for your data entry project and have it all done through here.

So it’s totally free to post your project. You will have to pay, I think it’s a percentage, 3% commission to Freelancer. But other than that, you’re just going to pay whoever is doing your data entry and then a 3% commission fee.

So, I’m not going to post this project but I’m going to show you when we just submit it so you guys can see an example.

Okay, guys, so right now, I’m in my projects area. I wanted to show you the listing that we submitted. We asked them, “Please answer the question 1+1=?” And then at the bottom, we put, “Above answer should be dos,” right. So now, we know if it starts with that that the person read the entire listing.

So let me hit proposals. And once you submit your project, you’ll get sent to this page which will be the proposal page. And the way Freelancer aggregates it is the best rank as you see at the top and then the rest follows suit.

The flag shows where you’re coming from, a lot of times you could see from Turkey, from Ukraine, so you have people all over the world bidding on it. So, as you can see, dos, dos, dock, that’s close enough. This person didn’t even put anything for the listing so what we would do is hit remove, does not match brief. 1+1=2, you could tell that person didn’t read the entire listing so we’re going to get rid of him too. So this is a good– hello– this one starts with hello so we know that person is not matching the brief.

So this gets you rid of a ton of people because we had a lot of submissions on this one. I think there were, like, more than 30 or 40 individuals who submitted. So that helps us get rid of a ton of people who we don’t want to deal with.

So, the next thing that I look forward in a good freelancer is their reviews. So this guy has 206 reviews, 97% of his projects are completed and he’s offering to do the job for $500. So because this is more of a design job, it’s going to be a little bit more expensive for us but in regards to data entry, you might see $8, $15, $20, just you could base it off of your budget and you could use these filters on the right-hand side to filter up and down based on what you want to spend.

So, some attributes that will help you decide on an individual is reviews, their jobs completed, and the price. And then, what usually happens is if you click their listing, they’ll show you examples of their recent work. So, you’ll be able to click those links and check them out.

So overall, let me go back to my list. Choose the best candidate. The things we look for are, 1) their reviews, here and here, 2) how many jobs they’ve completed, and 3) their portfolio. If they don’t send their portfolio, you can ask for that individually.

And then what I try to do is make a 2-3 individual shortlist. So, this guy, I’m going to add to my list because he seems like a rockstar, so I’m going to put him in my shortlist. I’m going to put this guy just for an example and then I’m going to put this guy.

So now, if I go to my shortlisted area, it will show me the three individuals that I’m looking at the most.

Once I have three solid people to look at, I’ll contact them. I’ll just open up all three chats and I’ll try and discuss with them what I’m looking for, what my price is and if I’m looking for additional stuff in their portfolio, I’ll look into that as well.

Okay, guys, so once you find the freelancer you want to work with, you’re ready to go. The next thing you want to do is ask for their e-mail address. When you get their e-mail address, you could send them an e-mail template kind of like this. We’ll show you our example. This is what we did for data entry as well.

Hello, Sohan! I hope all is well. We’re excited to start the project. We create a dock on to Google Doc with everything that they need. So, we created this Google Doc that has website, name of owner, e-mail. We keep everything organized for the freelancer. The more information you could give them, the better they can do their job and more efficiently they can do their job.

So once you create that spreadsheet, and we’ll include this in the blog as well. We send that over to them and then e-mail. I got a template like this and we had him research the top 150 bloggers in Florida in regards to travel, exotic cars, luxury experiences and luxury lifestyle.

Now, we had him put all that research in a detailed Excel document and then, for him to send it to us for review. So you can use this as your template when you’re building this out. Once you find your freelancer, you’re ready to move forward, you can use this.

Now, most freelancers will have this done in a day or two and you’ve got tons of data to work with. We’ve even hire freelancers for a longer period of time because they’ve done so well. So, in regards to that, I’m going to review this list one more time so you guys can get it. If you have any questions, again, leave a comment below.

One, head to or UpWork, create your project, review your submissions, choose the best candidate, and watch your work get completed.

Thank you again for watching. If you’ve not subscribed yet, go ahead and hit that button right here or wait for me to finish and I’ll show you the link right after. Thanks again, guys. Peace!

5 Lifehacks to Increase Your Productivity

Transcription: Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D. Saunders. In today’s digital block, I quickly break down 5 awesome lifehacks to increase productivity. Let’s do this!

We’ve all become consumed.

Our smartphones are an extension of ourselves and we can easily be distracted within seconds with social apps, notifications and everyday life. Today, I wanted to reveal 5 lifehacks that help me stay focused.

1 – Turn off Social App Notifications

This one will save you HOURS.  Trust me.  I recently turned off notifications for Facebook and Groups and gained more than 35 minutes a day.  By turning off its notifications, I’m not inundated with every notification that comes my way.  Instead of taking a few seconds to visit Facebook and getting trapped in an endless loop of fresh content, I’m able to check in periodically when I have free time.

2 – Simplify Your Daily Applications

Our agency  depends on just a few apps to conduct business and communicate with the team.  Consolidating the apps we use helps us streamline our process.  We use:

Slack – Team Communication

Google Drive – Reports, Files and Docs

Asana – Task Management

Our entire agency runs on these platforms for a nominal fee.  By sticking to these three platforms as our main apps it’s simple for us to effectively communicate.

3 – For the Love of Everything Digital, Take Breaks!

You go hard.

I know, but taking time away from work is crucial.  With many of my days ranging from 10-15 hours, it’s important to take breaks to stay focused and avoid burnout.  I like to follow the 45/15 rule similar to the Pomodoro Technique.  Basically, you work for 45 minutes straight.  No interruptions!  Then, for 15 minutes, take a break.  Trust me, it will increase your productivity 10 fold!  One quote from Academy Success really stuck out to me:

“After 45 minutes of prolonged focus, cortisol, otherwise known as the stress chemical, starts to build up in the body. If we don’t take breaks, it starts to attack us, mentally and physically.”

4 – Plan Your Day the Night Before 

Every night, I create my list for the following day.  This helps me mentally prepare for the next day by organizing harder jobs first and easier ones for the afternoon. It also alleviates time and stress that would otherwise be contributed to planning things the day of.

5 – Work on the Weekend


I’m not saying to take away time from family and friends.  However, productivity on the weekends is AMAZINGLY AWESOME.  There are no client calls, emails are usually less frequent and you can allocate a few SOLID hours to cleaning your inbox, completing quick jobs and reviewing reports.  Saturday morning is one of my favorite times for the grind.

Well, that’s what I’ve got, folks!  Thank you ALL for viewing our video content.  If you like it, feel free to subscribe below!  Peace!