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Hey, digital fam, my name is John D. Saunders. In today’s digital block, I talk abou several ways to promote your blog on outside avenues to get high engagement and shares on your content. Let’s do this!

I hope all is well guys. I’m going to make this a quick video blog so stay tuned. Basically, I’m going to show you several different ways and places online that you can share your blog to the right specific niche, so that includes Facebook groups, Google communities, answering Quora questions and a few more we threw in for good measure. So stay tuned, let’s go ahead and dive into my computer and get this thing done.

Okay guys, so the first thing I do is go to marketing strategy links, Google sheet, so I have everything recorded there on what I’m going to be sharing and where. So for example, these are the other sites besides your blog post that I’ll add the content to, right? So I choose specific subReddits on Reddit, Facebook post, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Google+, Quora and an e-mail blast to the individuals on my list, right.

So with that being said, these are all free ways to promote your blog online to specific niche areas. So you don’t want to just blanket the Internet. You want to find specific niche areas that could really excel and share your content. So, let’s start with Reddit, right.


So if I click Reddit ads, these are the links that I post content to. Now, these are specific niche subReddits. And it you don’t know what Reddit is, Reddit is a website known as the frontpage of the Internet so that aggregates the top articles and people can either upvote or downvote that content.

Getting to the top of a subReddit frontpage can be difficult but you can get a lot of consistent traffic from posting in the right subReddits. Now, beware, your Reddit is a beast. People will call you out on your behest. People will say your content is not up to par so make sure that the content you’re posting on subReddit is top level, great content that’s both snaggable and shareable for the Reddit community.

So I’m going to go back to my link. These are the different subReddits that I chose, right, so travel, solo travel, backpacking. Solo travel actually performs really well for the blogs that we post. Our most recent one was 5 ways to travel on a limited budget. We posted that in solo travel and we got more than 600 hits to the website that resulted in some sales.

So, Reddit does work as a mechanism for driving traffic to your site based on the specific niche. So let’s say you like to do e-commerce, right, so you have an e-commerce article that you want to share. So let’s go to e-commerce and type that in. So e-commerce and selling online, UK e-commerce, e-commerce.

So what you can do is create a spreadsheet and start recording the subReddits you think would perform well. Link is at the end of the article for you to download the spreadsheet, right. So you want to plug-in the link, the number of subscribers it has what do you think is the relevance to your content, subReddit score will automatically be populated with my algorithm and then the keyword for travel and then notes, right.

Once you do that, you also want to look at that specific subReddit. For example, if I wanted to post a blog about e-commerce and what I’m doing right, I would go to ┬áthat subReddit and then I would read this content here because you want to make sure that you could 1) post that blog content and, 2) that you’re not violating the rules of that Reddit, subReddit.

So do not post promotional content here as it will be reported as spam and removed, okay? So that will tell you that it’s not a good idea to promote your product. You might want to just ask questions here so do some searches in Reddit to find specific niche subReddits and promote your content there.

Now, when you submit a link make sure that you use realistic jargon and realistic language. So mine, this is another article that we did like probably a list of things we did for little to no cash in California. It’s straightforward, it’s to the point and it’s not sales-y, right? So you want to provide by. You don’t want to be selling these individuals on Reddit because they will rip you to shreds.

Yeah, so this is the quote that I did. This got 38 upvotes, a ton of traffic to the website. It’s still getting traffic to this date in that subReddit and people actually commented and responded to it. Next up, let’s talk about Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups, as you all know, are super powerful, laser-focus communities of people that have similar interests. So, with that being said, to find some groups that you could post content to– and remember, posting your blog content, you’re not looking for a sale. You’re looking more so for people to read your content, engage. You don’t want to sell. You want to provide value.

So once you type in travel in your Facebook search, it will bring up different tabs up at the top, just go ahead and hit groups based on the keyword that you like or that pertains to your content and it will show all the groups that I may be a part of or that I could join.

So I’m going to go back to my spreadsheet. I’m going to click Facebook groups. This is the breakdown of my groups. I usually put the group name, the URL, notes, and then the last date I posted because I don’t want to be spamming these groups, number one, and I want to be providing value.

So first thing, let’s check Free Nomads, want to post that here. Facebook groups are similar to Reddit, subReddits. You want to make sure you always look at the description to look at the group guidelines to see if they say anything about posting blogs or any of your personal content.

Usually, if your content is informative, they allow you to post blogs on there and this is a good way to, 1) drive traffic to your website where you can re-target these individuals later with Facebook re-targeting, we could save that for another one, or you could check out the video on the upper right hand side on more info on that.

And what you want to do is post your content here, have it quick, digestible and a nice, clean image and people will come to your website and will most likely either like, comment, or engage on your site and to sell. So this is a quick and easy way to really build some clientele at Facebook, and get your brand out there to the communities you’re pertaining to.


So with Pinterest, what we do is create images like these. See how these images are a little bit longer than the others, kind of stands out a bit more. We’ll create images like these with a cool image in the background and a text overlay that goes to our blog.

So if I go to our profile for example and I go to budget travel, this image stands out a little bit more especially if you were to search for travel and when you click it, it takes you to these specific blogs. So that’s a quick way to get some hits from Pinterest. You see some consistent clicks to you website from that by just posting it.

You could also boost your pins for a pretty inexpensive price. We usually pay about $1.20 pr click which in context is pretty cheap in regards to the keyword that we’re targeting, that’s another quick way. I also included a link to download that PSD as well if you wanted to use that.


Next up is Google+. Now, before you tell me Google+ is a ghost town, no one ever goes there, Google+ still has an active community based. So if go to Google+ and you do have that Google account for this, a Google profile, and I go to Google+ and I go to communities, these are all of the communities I’m a part of.

As you can see, this one has a quarter of a million people, 46,000, 81,000. So these communities are very much still active, right. So if I click a community– so what I’ll do once I get in that community, I’ll hit this pencil icon, let me just copy this link right here and then I’ll plug it in here, and I’ll just share this blog on any communities that, where I can share travel tips, photos and discussions.

So I want to make sure that, 1) they’re in line with who I’m trying to target and, 2) that I’m allowed to post this type of content on there because you can get banned from a community.

But once I had that up, I’ll save and then I’ll hit post. Now, I’ve already posted this in here so I’m not going to hit it but if you do this for 5 to 10 communities that are in line with your brand, I guarantee you’ll get traffic from Google.


So Quora is a platform where people can ask questions and individuals from a community can respond to those questions, usually in line to what the question is asking, right? So if someone asks a question about travel, it will be a travel agent or someone in that realm, right?

So I have our content writer Deandra, also my wife, whose profile is here. She’s answered 15 questions. She’s had about 10,000 answer views. So this has driven a considerable amount of consistent traffic to the website. We’re also a most viewed writer in travel hacks so anytime we post content that has to do with travel blogs, people instantly look at it, click to the site and respond to our content.

So people might ask, what are the best ways to travel when you’re young, what we do is we’d like to take snippets from our blog to answer questions. If we know we’re writing a blog about travelling tips, we might do a search for travel tips.

When we do that, it will bring up any questions or topics that pertain to that subject. So what are your top ten travel tips? Boom. So now, I can go on here and I can answer or respond to this question.

So when you’re writing your content and then you’re finding relatable keywords on Quora where you can post answers with content you already have, so I take snippets from different blogs and content that we have to drive people to look at our responses and ultimately drive them to the website because we know they’re into travel, we know they might be into our travel products.

So if I go back to the profile, you can see a few other questions that we’ve answered. Some of these have gotten 150 views, 200 views and even views of 7,000. So this is a great way to drive that consistent traffic.

So just to show you all an example, in the last few weeks, on Reddit, we’ve had 638 views on the site. Quora has brought 63 different IP addresses or users to the site. Pinterest has brought 57, Google+ about 33. So in retrospect, it doesn’t seem like a lot but remember this is only a couple of weeks at that, number one, and number two, we’re building up our platforms on each of these to really create a following of targeting individuals.

So this is just to give you guys an example of ways to promote your blog without having to spend any upfront cash to get some nice hits and shares on your content.

Thank you guys again for watching our content. We appreciate every single view we get. Just hit that subscribe button in the bottom right, right there. Also there’s a screen right after this to subscribe as well. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me in the comments. Peace.