One Huge Way to Lower Facebook Ad Cost



Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, we talk tips on improving your Facebook Ads and lowering your cost of reaching your consumer.

Facebook’s algorithm is BASED on relevance. Honestly, the entire web is based on how website’s can serve up content that’s relevant to you. Yes…you! Every website you visit, every question you ask on search engines and every single keystroke you generate creates your online persona and marketers and brands pay big cash to directly reach their ideal demographic. 

That’s where Facebook Relevance score comes in. If you’ve created Facebook ads as a marketer or business owner, then you’ve probably seen an area in your ad manager that breaks down your specific ad’s relevance score.

So, what the hell is a relevance score?

Relevance score is calculated based on the positive and negative feedback Facebook expects an ad to receive from its target audience. The more positive interactions receive a higher ad relevance score. (Positive indicators vary depending on the ad’s objective, but may include video views, conversions, clicks, etc…) The more times Facebook expects people to hide or report an ad, the lower its score will be.

So, Why is it important?

Relevance score can help lower the cost of reaching people. This creates a positive signal for Facebook. Resulting in your ad being served more often and more inexpensive than the competition.

It also helps optimize ads, as relevance score can change for an ad over time. This is a solid indicator that the ad might need to change.

It’s Important but Don’t Bet Solely on Relevance Score

While relevance score is important, it’s not the primary indicator of performance. If you’re running an ad for a local restaurant and your goal is to drive individuals to order via your website, that conversion may be more important than your relevance score.

“If you’re ad is killing it, do not put a pin in it”

Use Relevance score to reach your audiences at lower cost, and to test and learn about your ad creative and ad targeting, but don’t use it as the primary metric for your ads.

So, I wanted to talk about 3 tips for improving your relevance score:

Be Specific with Targeting

Targeting is probably one of the most important pieces to your relevance score. You want to be as targeted as possible without being too granular. A great way to focus on your key demo is to target your individual’s buyer persona. Here’s an example:

Refresh Your Ads

A refresh can improve your score also. Over time, an audience that once responded positively to your ad can grow tired of it. When the relevance score for an ad drops, try creating another ad with new content for your audience.

Use Great Images & Verbiage

Images and texts trigger an emotion. So, with our ads we like to use closeups, smiling individuals and simple and easy to digest text content. We usually keep our messaging below 180 characters. These are some examples of recent top performers.

Well, that’s our episode for today. If you love our content, don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching The Digital Block and I’ll see you again soon. Peace!

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Digital Marketing Myths of 2016


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In today’s Digital Block we talk 4 Small Business Marketing Myths of 2016. Let’s do this!

So, you’re a small business owner, right?

You’ve been bombarded with content on a daily basis. Whether it’s content you stumble upon on Facebook or an article you peruse while on your favorite news site, it’s hard to differentiate the real from the fluff

Hello! Download my super secret, ultra coveted 751 page white paper on hacking instagram ads to create 700 million in sales in just 3 days!

Yeah, I get it.

So, in this quick-fire episode, I wanted to run down a few myths plaguing small business and what they can do to counter.

Big Traffic On My Site Means Big Money, Right?

This one is definitely a no (unless you’re a large blog with well-placed ads). Your website or campaign could be getting 900,000 clicks a month, but what is it really equating to? Web traffic can be great for SEO, but you really want to identify your main KPIs.

These differentiate based on your type of business, but usually fall under:

Opt-in Registrations or Form Completions

How many people are signing up after visiting your content? How many dropped off?

Campaign Click-Thru Rate

How many are clicking your ad as opposed to seeing it? A high CTR would indicates more engaging and relevant content.

Social Interactions

Are individuals sharing or commenting on your content?

So, if your business is an ecommerce store, some great KPIs would be email subscriber signup completions or how many engagements and shares a particular garment or product received versus others.

Having solid KPIs can help you make adjustments in the business almost simultaneously.

I should use every single social media platform, right?

This one is a resounding NO. Now, if you’re scared someone might take your name on a specific platform, it’s a good idea to check out  to secure your name on each platform. Other than that, there’s no reason to post content consistently on 10 social platforms. One reason being, it might not be conducive to your target market.

If you’re a chef looking to showcase your food, Instagram might be a better place to show off your chops than the LinkedIn feed. Also, I’d recommend placing your focus on 3 platforms that are used the most by your ideal clientele.  You can repurpose that content for other platforms that you post on less frequently.

One example could be a blog post you then convert to slides for slideshare. You can still use these other platforms to showcase your content, but it doesn’t have to be as consistent as your top three. It’s better to focus your efforts than to spread yourself thin since social media takes a considerable amount of time to create and post.

Our last myth is…

If you build a website, they will come.

Um, no. Building an amazing website that provides a stellar user experience is great, as users who visit the site will have a great funnel that initiates action.

However, I can’t tell you how many times small companies assume redesigning their website will equate to engagement, traffic and sales.

Could it happen?

Of course, but you need to have an action plan for your website once you launch. Some examples include:

Email Marketing Campaign

Announce Your new Design, Offer an Incentive to Visit the website for Returning Users or use this time to drive visitors to subscribe to your new website’s content.

Social Media Campaign

Setup a campaign to take advantage of your new website’s capabilities to capture and convert new users using blogs, infographics and other content that drives traffic and increases revenue.

Link Building and Other SEO Tactics

Have an action plan for building off-site links. Now that you have a new site, take advantage of the modern look to garner interest and generate off-site links from trusted website’s who will see your modern design as an indicator that you’re company is legit.

Well, it was a quick one today, guys. Have an awesome week and I’ll see you soon. Thanks again for watching The Digital Block! Peace!

Interview with Liram Sustiel


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Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D. Saunders, and in today’s Digital Block we talk the power of leveraging social media and Digital with Internet Entrepreneur and owner of mph club®, Liram Sustiel.


First and foremost, these guys are powerhouse marketers. I’ve known them for several years, worked closely with them, together, on developing marketing strategies that convert. Lee, who’s here with me now, and Stac, the co-founder, saw how under deserved exotic car rental industry was online. Using their experience, we developed detailed plans for social media, SEO and online branding. Fast forward a few years and the fleet has expanded 10 fold. They’ve built a stellar team and continue to kill the game with an additional boutique style marketing agency, MCO Network. Lee was cool enough to take some time out of his day to talk to us.

John: So, tell me about your past and how mph club came about.

Lee: We didn’t really have the guts to just walk into dealership, buy an exotic vehicle and walk away and lose 30% of the car which normally, everybody does. I’ve looked deeper and see there’s a big demand out there for exotic car rental needs. A lot of production companies need these vehicles. A lot of people wanted to just have fun in their birthday weekend.

We built mph club years ago and it was just a directory online, just to generate the leads. The website started generating a lot of traffic, lot of demand and we actually got the courage and went to go buy our first car a couple of years ago. It was a 2012 brand new Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. That was the first car that we bought and we put it into the system. It started going on every weekend and eventually started going out more than just every weekend and eventually, our client took it for a whole month.

And because of that reason, we’re like, yo, we need to buy another car because we have the demand, clients are calling and we just don’t have the inventory for it. So the next thing we know, we buy another car, buy the Ferrari California at that time, buy another Lamborghini and the next thing you know, three years later, we’re 35 cars deep and growing, multiple occasions across South Florida and the company turned to be a full time business. So, we still operate and manage on MCO Network which is our marketing company responsible for dozens of companies here in South Florida. We’re doing very well with it as well and it’s just been a fun ride for the last couple of years we’ve been doing this.

John: Another thing is mph club is highly engaged with social media, online content, engagement SEO. How do you guys find the time to create such high engaging content? I mean, you have a total of 17,000 followers on Instagram, all organic. How do you guys do it?

Lee: That’s the fun part. All of our social media, we have a team. My team can take all the credit for it. We have a photography department. We have a videography department and we do this for fun. We go take the car, take some cool pictures, get creative with them. When it comes to the holidays, we implement that into the actual videography.

We release out through social media so we realize that we have such high followers because of the cool content we’ve released, all the pictures and the videos that we put out there. People, always in front of their face, it was constantly to remind them, hey, we have a special this week or the happy holidays is coming around the corner. Your birthday is coming ’round the corner, so make sure you call us for your car rental needs.

John: Lee talked a lot about the team and the environment of having a team, network of people that all have specific jobs. How do you find the best talent and how do you keep them?

Lee: Educating. We have staff meetings all the time. I’m always hands-on with the business. I’d like to be involved with every employee. If you’re a blogger, I’d like to sit down and blog with you. If you’re a web developer, I’d like to be involved with you. Anything in between. If you’re doing sales with clients, I’d like to help you and interact with them. I have a lot of experience in all of the departments. I like to pass that knowledge on to my staff so they know how to treat the client right.

John: A lot of times, the boss is kind of just away. They don’t really know what’s going on. Lee really enforces that, hey, I want to be a part of all the processes that go on a business just to make sure that you know what’s going on moving forward, right?

Lee: Communicate with employees, it’s the biggest thing, always communication. Some miscommunicate. I hate to repeat myself but hey, I got to get down, you know.

John: Got to get the point across.

Lee: Exactly.

John: What are the most important pieces to your online marketing strategy?

Lee: Brand awareness is the key. That’s number one. If a client goes to our website, you know, we track their cookies. Once they actually visit our site, they bounce to Facebook, for example, and they snoop around Facebook for a little bit. They see our ad, comes up. They go back to our website. They go and keep on looking for some more options and more cars. And the next day, they go on Amazon. They buy some pair of shoes or something. Our ad comes up on Amazon as well. They go back to the website and actually, that converts to a client. It always helps out, brand awareness. And then they realize they need to bring a car and hey, I’ve been following your page on Instagram for years now and now I know what’s this is all about. I just followed this cool account because they have some cool pictures of cars.

John: What do you think the most important things are for an online marketing strategy?

Lee: We approach the weekend for example and we get a lot of our exotic cars rented out. Maybe there’s one or two left that we want to push them so we pick, for example, the car that’s available and we put up a nice high definition image of it and we put it out there available for this weekend and because of such a high volume we have of followers, they convert. We get phone call, like, hey, I just saw you guys post a picture of the BMW i8, for example. Is it available this weekend? It’s the last car. We did it for a reason because that car is available.

John: Got you. Got you. And then the time, it makes them think, oh, just for the weekend, let me go ahead and buy it, so it gives them like a strong call to action to execute.

Lee: Yeah. I’m a visual type of guy. I like to see what I buy. So if I see a car and know it’s available, I’ll go ahead and execute.

John: So let me ask another question. What’s the best way to brainstorm new ideas?

Lee: We use this converse table right here, man. We sit down, we put hours in this thing right here. All the employees, they come sit down and throw ideas out there. I’d like to use that famous line that if you throw so many things against the wall, somebody would end up sticking. We throw a lot of ideas out there. Some of them are whack, some of them are weird, but hey, some of them do convert and they actually– they work.

John: Absolutely.  As you guys can see, Lee is a young guy. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners or guys that just want to start out and do their own thing. What would be your biggest piece of advice for entrepreneurs starting out?

Lee: Be very calculating. When I first started the business, I didn’t go ahead and start throwing money everywhere. I started with a budget. I didn’t have the money at that time. So I had to be very calculating. I put a business mind together. I put a very detailed strategy for the next 12 months to possibly 36 months to open up any business or any concept you’re trying to put together.

John: Okay, okay. You heard that guys, business plan. I’ll post a couple of links to business plan websites where you can get them made for free so be sure to check that out in the blog below. So I have to ask, Lee. What is your favorite super car? I mean, I know you guys have a whole fleet. What is your number one favorite?

Lee: It’s a tough question, man. It’s like asking who is your favorite child. It depends on what day of the week is. But all serious jokes, I love the G63 . That’s my favorite vehicle.

John: So guys, you got to check this out. You got to meet the mph club mascot. His name is Blue. These are all their content, all the online content. Look at this guy.

Lee: He’s everywhere. He’s our mascot.

John: Thank you again for watching the Digital Block. Thank you for checking out Liram Sustiel. Be sure to check out, exotic car rentals, jet charters. These guys built a thing from the ground up. Be sure to check out their content. And also, check out, the agency behind the build of mph club. John Saunders, signing out, peace!