How to Get a Verified Badge on Facebook

Transcription: Hey Digital Fam, John D Saunders, here. In today’s Digital Block, we show you how to get a Facebook verification badge on your business page. Let’s do this!

So to get your verification badge. This basically confirms this is an authentic page for my business and organization. First things first, you want to make sure you’re logged in as an admin on your page. As long as you have this menu up here that says pages, messages and notifications, you’re in the backend admin area of your Facebook page.

The Steps

1. Go ahead and highlight your mouse over settings.
2. Hit page verification (under General)
3. Hit “Verify this Page”Now, the great thing about verified pages is that they show up higher in search results to attract more visitors

You have a verified badge to let visitors know your page is authentic.  And, you get early access to new featuresSo go ahead and hit get started. So, our phone number is already there. What we’re going to do is make sure that the Country is United States. Our call language is English and hit call me now. Ok so this screen will pop up and it will ask you to put in the verification code.

Once Facebook gives you that number, input the 4 digit code here and push continue.  Once you do that, congrats, your page is now verified. Your page will now have a verified badge to place higher in search results to help attract more visitors.IN some cases you’ll receive an error that says page not verified. If your phone number is new or doesn’t represent the biz initially, then hit verify with documents. All you need is a utility phone bill license tax file or articles of inc.

Once done, upload file and send directly to Facebook. This could take a couple weeks. but this is the slower version if your phone number isn’t verified. Now, go back to your page.

You should have a nice verified checkmark next to the business name. Thanks for watching the Digital Block Also, just in case you didn’t know, we’re giving away an iPhone lens kit. all you gotta do, is subscribe right here.

Thanks guys!

Convert Email List to Facebook Leads

Transcription: Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D Saunders, in today’s Digital Block we talk HOW to target your email list via Facebook, and an awesome way to use that list to expand your customer base.


Facebook is an amazing ad platform.  Besides being a safe haven for cat videos and connecting with friends and family, it’s a powerful marketing tool you can use to make hyper-targeted ads for a fraction of what you would pay on Adwords.  

Don’t believe me?  

Well, I just created an ad that targets males, in Miami that own a home, make 6 figures and enjoy cycling.  Yes, Facebook is that detailed.  

So, in today’s Digital Block, I wanted to discuss how to take your email list (all you need is about 20 emails) and target those identical people using Facebook’s Custom Audience Feature.  

Then, I’ll show you how to expand that list to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to those on your email list.  Ok, let’s get going!  

Custom Audience lets you target individuals on Facebook using their email addresses or phone numbers.  Facebook takes that list and cross-references those individuals with their Facebook IDs.  You won’t have specifics (like who was matched), but you WILL be able to target those individuals.   

Let’s start:  Now that you have your custom audience, you can target these individuals via Facebook Ads.  

Now, here’s the only problem with Custom Audiences.  To really make an impact, you need to have a solid list.  You want at least 5,000 emails to really see engagement results.  Why?  

Because Facebook usually converts around 50% of your list.  So what’s the work around?  

Another pivotal tool from Facebook is called a Lookalike Audience.   So, based on your existing custom audience (or Facebook Page), a lookalike audience will look for similarities of individuals. Then, it creates a much larger, more robust list of individuals you can target with your Facebook Ads.  We had a list that went from 150 people to 900,000 potential individuals.  

So, with Custom and Lookalike Audiences, you can really create some amazing, targeted ad content.  For example, we created a promotion for a cycling team.  We took their email list, scrubbed it against Facebook and targeted those individuals leading up to events with action shots and calls to action to entice them to RSVP for the event.   

Then, with a Lookalike audience, we created ad content to entice people (like our existing list) to sign up.  Well, that’s it folks!  Thanks for watching The Digital Block

7 Essentials Apps for Digital Marketers

Transcription:  Hey Digital Fam, my name is John D Saunders and you are now watching The Digital Block!  Lets talk about Apps for Digital Marketers. 

You’re always moving, right?

Whether you’re on the way to a meeting, or to a movie we’re constantly in a state of motion. Your phone is probably the ONE item you always have on you.

As a marketer, or a business owner, it can sometimes be cumbersome to open your laptop everywhere you’re headed to. That’s why our smartphones have made us SUPER savvy when it comes to working on the go.

So, what’s the problem?

Well, there are tons of app to choose from. I mean, practically millions. Actually, about 1.5 million on the iOS store alone. Let’s be honest, how many pages of apps DO YOU have on your phone. Another one. Another One. Another One.

In today’s Digital Block, I wanted to hit you with 7 apps to help you become a mobile maven. Get your download thumb ready, this one’s a dosy.

1. Google Adwords

If you’re a marketer on the go managing multiple Pay Per Click (or PPC) campaigns the NEW Google Adwords app works flawlessly. It showcases impressions, clicks and engagement in one fluid motion. It’s a brand new release and Google really took the time to FINALLY make it right. This app is totally free .

Download App iOS | Android

2. Google Voice

It’s like having two phones in one. I’m serious. Google voice allows you to acquire a phone number (absolutely free). You can have that phone number route to your device, with specific instructions whenever someone calls. So, as a business owner, you could have your Google Voice number route to your personal phone. Two phone numbers are better than one, right? This app is also totally free.  

Download App iOS | Android

3. Genius Scan

Scan Docs from ANYWHERE. If you need to send a quick PDF or signed document, just take a photo and let the app convert your file for you. Yup, this one is free also with a paid model for bonus features.  

Download App iOS | Android

4. Slack

Slack is AMAZING. It’s like Team communication on steroids. It’s basically Whatsapp for business with TONS of integrations. Correspond with your team easily and efficiently in one place and use Google Drive Dropbox and more to move files. It includes real time messaging, file sharing, and so much more. We were able to transition our team in just 4 days. This app is totally free.  

Download App iOS | Android

5. 7 Minute Workout

Ok, I know this one isn’t directly related to marketing, but it’s crucial to keep up your health. If you can’t work, you can’t eat. And if you can’t eat, well…you get the idea. 7 Minute Workout lets you get 12 high intensity bodyweight exercises in just 7 minutes. No equipment needed. Do it between meetings or in a hotel during a business trip. It’s CRUCIAL. This app is $2.99 

Download App iOS | Android

6. Word Swag

Graphic Designer in your pocket, is probably the best way to describe it. The app automatically turns your words into beautiful text designs. All you need is an image. Wordswag can take your content and create an amazing text layout in under a second. It’s great for posting social / visual content on the fly. The app is $3.99, kind of expensive for an app, but worth every penny. 

Download App iOS | No Android ;-(

7. Paper

The Paper app is a note app for writing, drawing and beyond. It’s super easy to create diagrams with a rich selection of responsive brushes. It’s dope, plain and simple. Oh, and it’s frickin FREE! It makes it easy to capture ideas and thoughts and even images throughout the day. 

Download App iOS | No Android ;-(

Bonus! Pinpoint

Easily Mark Up Screenshots in seconds. All you do is take a screenshot on your device, and you can easily add arrows and boxes with text anywhere on the image. Super simple design and easy user experience.  

Download App iOS | No Android ;-(

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for today. That concludes our list of apps for digital marketers. Thanks for watching everyone! For links to ALL of the apps, just click the link below! Cheers and thanks for watching the Digital Block!