How to Analyze Your Online Competition in Minutes

Transcription: Hey Digital Fam! My name is John D Saunders and in today’s Digital Block, we talk about how to analyze your online competition. Let’s go!

I know I know, you’re a business owner, you don’t have a TON of time on your hands. If you’re a small business, you probably have even less downtime as you most likely wear a ton of hats.

So, in today’s digital block i wanted to show you quickly, how to analyze the competition in 3.5 minutes. Now, this is a quick overview to give you a general understanding of the metrics and KPIs that help website’s rank and perform in the online space.

Basically, I wanted to provide you with some tidbits and takeaways you can use to capitalize on the competition and out perform them using two very unique (and free) tools. Alright, let’s dig in!