4.7 Billion People Around the World Use Smartphones

The smartphone has become a quintessential component of our daily lives.

App Development

We use them to schedule appointments, pass the time with addictive gaming and provide an expedited way of life by utilizing tools that make our lives easier.  At 5Four Digital Marketing, we don’t just understand the importance of an intuitive, easy to use app, we embrace the idea.

App Development

App development is a detailed process.  So, by breaking down the process into specific phases, we’re able to control the circumstances and let your ideas flourish within a detailed structure.   It takes strategy, skill and mastery to take an individual or business idea to fruition.  Our marketing team and developers will sit down and discuss your idea, beta test it, ask questions and furthermore, make sure the app is positioned to perform well.  Our development team works with Android and Apple to create a user interface and experience that rivals the best in the business.  Our structure follows a few simple ideas:

  • Planning
  • Idea Generation
  • Choosing a Platform
  • Design Prototyping
  • Development
  • Customer Development
  • Modify Design
  • Finalize Design
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Prepare for Release
  • App Marketing Agency
  • Maintenance

“We’re with You EVERY Step of the Way.”

5Four Digital Marketing focuses on quality over quantity, so we’ll be sure to plan every step of the way by performing research, working with our developers and planning a marketing strategy to help your app hit the ground running.

If you have an idea, 5Four Digital has a solution. We will work closely with you to accomplish your goals and come up with ideas that suit your app needs. Creating a mobile app for your company, or idea can improve the user experience and result in growth and stability for your future goals.  Invest time.  Invest Energy. Invest in 5Four Digital Marketing. 5Four Digital also provides App Marketing Miami to developers and designers looking to promote their app. Contact us today.

Stand Out From the Crowd

According to Apple, there are more than 1 million apps LIVE in the app store.  Stand out from the crowd.  Not only do our developers design apps, our team will devise a marketing strategy to position your app in the sights of potential users .

What We Offer Our Clients

The best developers, unparalleled customer service and a convenient experience.  Creating your app is a detailed process.  It requires a skilled developer and marketers focused on one common goal: “an app that acquires a dedicated user-base.”

Our Method

  • Market Study

    Based on your app, we review the market for competitors and ways to improve and align ideals with successful apps

  • Design Experience

    We work together to develop the user interface and consumer interaction

  • Code

    Our developers create the framework for the app based on detailed plans and execution

  • Launch

    As Verified App Developers we submit your app to the app store

  • Market

    Our marketing team takes over to promote the app via several online channels for maximum exposure.